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The Stylus Magazine Inaugural Haiku Marathon 2005

By: Stylus Staff

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Posted 12/29/2005 - 09:11:05 AM by whiteboysushi:
 I would write one for Andrew Bird but I can't figure out how many syllables are in ten thousand :( emoticons.
Posted 12/29/2005 - 10:14:53 AM by jhitting:
 Wilderness: Baltimore bands get No respect. These guys are not Helping things any.
Posted 12/29/2005 - 10:15:29 AM by jhitting:
 How come I can't make line breaks on this message board?
Posted 12/29/2005 - 10:41:05 AM by cwperry:
 No one remembers

Or even cares about it

New Mercury Rev

Posted 12/29/2005 - 11:49:47 AM by whiteboysushi:
 The mysterious / Production of an album / No one listened to
Posted 12/29/2005 - 10:56:37 PM by mheumann:
 Where are The White Stripes / Get Behind Me Satan is / Best album 05
Posted 12/30/2005 - 05:33:20 AM by :
 Stylus hits rock / bottom arse butt oshiri / shit poo crapola
Posted 12/30/2005 - 11:07:42 AM by cwperry:
 The Magic Numbers

'Cold War Classic,' The Chrysler

Two more lost wonders

Posted 12/30/2005 - 02:54:58 PM by jmaxwell:
Posted 12/30/2005 - 02:55:19 PM by bassman08:
 Jack White has a stache/ He's looking perverted now/ Music sucks now too
Posted 12/31/2005 - 04:36:52 AM by Liarbythefire:
 Gang Gang Dance: I like Kate Bush/and tribal percussion/while living in Brooklyn
Posted 12/31/2005 - 05:21:18 PM by roadrunner:
 this is not music/art art brut bang clap yr hands/stylus can suck it
Posted 01/01/2006 - 05:39:13 PM by anonymous:
 The worst end of year wrap up ever.
Posted 01/03/2006 - 09:32:08 AM by tintin1000:
 these are fantastic, true, witty, blunt when need be, and complenetary when deserved. i am utterly impressed by your creativity in so many reagrds. kick-fuckin'-ass, dudes.
Posted 01/03/2006 - 10:17:28 AM by :
 I already made that point on the Stypod, Liar.
Posted 01/03/2006 - 10:40:58 AM by bassman08:
 Wow! New Strokes don't suck/ (that much), I was expecting/ Them to be dead soon
Posted 01/03/2006 - 10:41:09 AM by bassman08:
 That my have been the worst haiku ever.
Posted 01/07/2006 - 06:25:55 AM by tom1977:
 2005 / downloaded more than listened/ feel bloated and sad