On Second Thought
The Beta Band - The Beta Band

By: Derek Miller

Posted 11/22/2005 - 11:11:10 AM by gloden:
 This is, by far, the best thing they ever did. It catches them in a time where they're not concerned at all about being trendy, writing coherent songs or producing something palpable to the masses. They just sound like they're having fun, which is great. HSII and Heroes to Zeroes, conversely, caught them trying to make a living, writing short four minute pop songs with crisp production and some hooks and it just doesn't add up to the same great delirious listening experience you get with their debut. Oh yeah, and I love the Beta Band Rap. Never skip it cause there's nothing else like it in this world.
Posted 11/22/2005 - 11:31:15 AM by MEKsLP:
 Its funny because I actually pulled this album out about 2 weeks ago and thought to myself that if any album deserved the second-look treatment from Stylus that this would be it. I am also sad to say that I do enjoy the Beta Band rap enough to give it "3 stars" in my iTunes library.
Posted 11/22/2005 - 01:53:33 PM by arabjew:
 "Monolith" is Beta Band's best, most ambitious song. It contains fantastic multitudes. People with short attention spans and no sense of the psychedelic = DUD.
Posted 12/08/2005 - 12:28:55 AM by george:
 Just to add my tuppence worth... I played this CD a great deal when it came out and was always puzzled by the drubbing it regularly recieved from many critics and the band themselves. Especially as the more highly praised later albums seemed to me to lack the peculiar and seductive qualities of "The Beta Band". The above writer's choice of the word "delirious" is particularly apt. I do find the faux rock'n'roll part of Beta Band Rap to be very easily skippable, but the rest of the album is, to use a quaint old phrase, a trip.