A Kiss After Supper

By: Nate De Young

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Posted 10/28/2005 - 01:15:11 PM by dskuja:
 From 76 to 78, I pushed ELO onto my hesitant friends. Discovery camoe out in 79, and my friends had a field day. But, I grew to like Discovery, and so did they! I couldn't believe Don't Bring Me Down was ELO! (I maintain that every ELO album was different.) But Xanadu presented real difficulties for me. My friends were relentless. My grandmother even loved it. "They're singing with OLJ, it must be good". WHY WHY WHY did Lynne get sucked into this? I did enjoy All Over The World though. Didn't John Lennon like that one too? ELO really bounced back with Time soon after this, and my friends stopped making fun.