On First Listen

By: Andrew Gaerig

Posted 10/27/2005 - 02:01:35 PM by dskuja:
 Are you guys starting to feel the sting of all those who are ctiticizing your ELO week? I'm sensing that in this article. Don't bring me down! :) Livin Thing is surely not almost 6min. Funny how Blue Sky is getting attention these days. I remember it got the most laughs when i played it to my non believer friends way back, due to corny lyrics, and orchestration. Some radio stations actually played the WHOLE THING!!! I discovered ELO in the summer of 77 with Telephone Line. I couldn't get over how great and dramatic the tune was. A few months later Turn To Stone showed up, and when I realized that the same band wrote both songs, I was hooked. The most under appreciated ELO album is Time. It fucking rules, OK? And, the saddest ELO chapter is cutting down Secret Messages from it's planned double. When is someone going to release that monster as it was planned, with Beatles Forever on it, I ask you?
Posted 10/27/2005 - 07:23:58 PM by cwperry:
 And don't forget that the original cover art included a fold-out spaceship that you could build.
Posted 10/27/2005 - 07:25:24 PM by cwperry:
 "If it isn’t totally clear by this point, ELO are best when they’re mining—borrowing, stealing, whatever—the AM gold that they helped define in the late 1970’s." --How can they steal what they've defined?
Posted 10/27/2005 - 09:42:24 PM by dskuja:
 cwperry, I BUILT that speceship, and hung it in my room! For 28 yars! :)
Posted 10/27/2005 - 09:42:51 PM by dskuja:
 years, not yars.
Posted 10/28/2005 - 12:31:57 AM by Hone_Heke:
 "Too much of ELO’s music reminds me of a pretty girl in way too much eyeliner." ...and then some. This is a good call. Listening to ELO now in the zeroes IS frustrating if, since you were 17, you`ve become a huge Smog fan, discovered Seventeen Seconds, can get down with Lou Barlow`s four track experiments and dig minimalist electronica. But you gotta remember, the 70s were the decade of excess. Lynne was probably making maximum use of his resources at the time and generally giving musical head to a million excitable people. ELO are quite natural in their context. I feel like I`m stating a given here, but like a German thesis, when we diverge too far from such givens, we need to recap from time to time. I can still listen and enjoy a large number of ELO songs, especially non-single album tracks, but I smile, put the song away and care little.
Posted 10/28/2005 - 12:36:45 AM by Hone_Heke:
 I have to add. I bought Grandaddy`s The Sophtware Slump when it came out, played it thrice and sold it just as quicly...why? For trying to sneakily steal an ELO aesthetic when ELO had been all but forgotten. It sucked.