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Top Ten Songs That Make Me Wish I Had More Faith

By: Clem Bastow

Posted 10/07/2005 - 08:34:39 AM by whiteboysushi:
 No Sufjan Stevens? Even ignoring the Christian aspects of his music, "Vito's Ordination Song" always makes me feel a little guilty about not being closer to my family (but guilty in the "I wish I could be this optimistic" way).
Posted 10/07/2005 - 12:01:39 PM by Zarklephaser:
 whiteboysushi: Is it really surprising to you that someone who appreciates Christina Aguilera and Lenny Kravitz doesn't include Sufjan Stevens on a list like this one?
Posted 10/07/2005 - 01:21:45 PM by whiteboysushi:
 Sorry, for a second I thought I was at Pitchfork/CMG/any other music site on the internet.
Posted 10/07/2005 - 02:08:03 PM by J.Timmermann:
 Mandy Moore - "Have a Little Faith in Me"
Posted 10/07/2005 - 02:35:15 PM by mpatton:
 You really like Moore's version better than Hiatt's? That's sad. Clem - I love your lists (especially the explanations), keep 'em coming.
Posted 10/07/2005 - 09:23:35 PM by clem_bastow:
 Zarklephaser: is it that inconceivable that I might also like S.S. (I don't, for the record)?
Posted 10/07/2005 - 09:33:20 PM by IanMathers:
 Very nicely done, Clem. After reading this it seems we're more alike than I would have previously guessed.
Posted 10/07/2005 - 11:19:38 PM by TheBrad:
 So... Z-Phizzle got it right then. Yes? Yes.

And that Sinead song is truly awesome. Truly.
Posted 10/08/2005 - 02:23:24 AM by clem_bastow:
 Am I missing something on the Zarkle front?
Posted 10/09/2005 - 05:43:16 PM by HydeCarby:
 Jesus, etc or Theologians? "Isn't She Lovely?" gets me every time. Also, it fucking pisses me off that your honesty was met with such snide posing.
Posted 10/09/2005 - 10:50:43 PM by TheBrad:
 Oh, I'm just saying that Zarkle predicted you wouldn't like Sufjan, and you then said as much. Not that he's got anything on your taste or inspired Top Tens, just that he got this one right for once.
Posted 10/10/2005 - 04:54:24 AM by clem_bastow:
 Ahh... Well, he's not *entirely* correct - the reason I don't like Sufjan is not because I like Xtina and Lenny Kravitz, it's because I think he's dull. Hyde, apparently "Isn't She Lovely" was playing in the maternity ward when I was born. :|
Posted 10/10/2005 - 02:18:04 PM by janinedm:
 I want to add "Eye Know" off of Prince's Lovesexy album. As a matter of fact, Prince has quite a few of them.
Posted 10/10/2005 - 05:31:17 PM by bebopkid:
 embarrassing enough, i cried watching the Jesus Walks video the day after a hard night of binge drinking and drugs. six months later i reaffirmed my faith in Christ. the r. kelly song You Saved Me kinda gets to me.
Posted 10/10/2005 - 10:31:19 PM by prmaloney:
 I think you gotta mention "Shine a Light" off Exile on Main Street here... Some more reggae too, Dr. Alimantado's "Born for a Purpose", Bob Marley "Jah Live"... Otis Redding "Amen"... Kanye "Never Let Me Down... Even VU's "Jesus"... Fuck, Van Morrison "Full Force Gale" would've been a good answer... Lenny Kravitz doesn't make me wish for anything besides a better radio station.
Posted 10/11/2005 - 08:07:23 AM by clem_bastow:
 Actually, I realised after I sent it that I left out Culture's 'I'm Alone In The Wilderness'; that's a corker, too.