Trapped On The Couch: The 2005 VMAs

By: Andrew Unterberger

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Posted 08/29/2005 - 09:29:33 AM by hometapes:
 My favorite part of the VMA's was that I didn't have to fucking watch them. Living about 3 miles away from the event and still being without power (at 85+ hours, as we speak) really helped me to remember why the VMA's are soooo culturally important. I was excited to see car crash after car crash in front of my house on US1 as the street lights were out and one rent-a-cop (poorly) attempted to direct traffic in the dark, while a group of 8 motorcycle (fully registered) police officers escorted what I can only imagine to be a car full of (extremely "important") celebrities to a party on South Beach. Luckily, the local news did their part to keep the starfucking at a high the middle of the hurricane we had no less than 4 correspondents on South Beach discussing whether or not the VMAs would still happen. Diddy, thanks for everything. You are a beautiful man. Hopefully, you had the foresight to take some of the after parties to New Orleans. (For the haters: I'm writing this email from work---sweat-a-thon continues from the homefront).
Posted 08/29/2005 - 12:22:08 PM by cleric:
 I missed it and saw only the end (which is not a prob since mtv repeats it 5x/day in the next 2 weeks). And i have to say that the kelly clarkson performance was awful. The band was good, but what the heck was with her voice? Half the time you didn't hear her anyway and when i heard her i wished i didn't. And young female 'celebs' dying their hair blonde gets boring btw. But i still kinda wonder why Avril and Ashley got slammed for allegedly being bad singers but Kelly seems to get through with it.
Posted 08/29/2005 - 04:08:49 PM by bassman08:
 My favorite VMA moment was (maybe) 2 years ago when Coldplay preformed, after which Chris Rock kind of messes up his face and goes, "I think I'm going to go slit my wrists now" or something to that effect. Great stuff.
Posted 08/30/2005 - 05:51:07 AM by CRemmler:
 Nice and funny writing. But I have one problem with this. And with any of these awards. They just should not be taken so seriously. They can be entertaining, but they can also be shit and boring.And specially this year, the VMAs should not be taken so seriously, have you ever seen so much crap on a Music Video channel? (not including the crappy videos). Anyway, I dont want to take any credit from Andrew┬┤s article: I loved reading " Trapped On The Couch: The 2005 VMAs".
Posted 08/30/2005 - 11:03:18 AM by april81972:
 Nice read. Well done Andrew. I only caught a little of this tedious awards show. Was very pleased to have caught Eric Roberts' bit. Hilarious. When he said he'd personally refund your money if you didn't like his son's album? You can't write shit this good.