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Top Ten Fake Hip-hop Tracks Using Nineties Rock And Indie Vocal Samples

By: Scott McKeating

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Posted 08/05/2005 - 01:23:47 PM by crunktastic:
 If you want indie samples with hot rap lyrics you've gotta check out Tha 446. Particularly "Prince of the Rodeo" ( "Megamayne" ( and "My What is Like Whoa" (
Posted 08/05/2005 - 01:43:30 PM by crunktastic:
 or check out their track feat. Mike Jones: "I Said (Back Then)"
Posted 08/05/2005 - 04:33:28 PM by ddrake:
 What about Depeche Mode's line about when he has drugs it "brings out the thuuuug in me."
Posted 08/06/2005 - 09:01:53 PM by bassman08:
 So what exactly are those samples? I can't quite detect them. They're probably really obvious, I just can't tell cause I'm really fucking tired.
Posted 08/06/2005 - 09:52:45 PM by bassman08:
 And the samples I am referring to are the first two comments posted.
Posted 08/08/2005 - 06:48:01 AM by DomPassantino:
 RAPPERS: please use Morrissey going "You just haven't earned it yet baby" as the hook in your next "smacking down punk MCs" track. Thank you.
Posted 08/10/2005 - 05:11:44 PM by crunktastic:
 The Prince of the Rodeo track samples The Unicorns & Megamayne samples the Nintendo game of similar name (I guess that isn't germane, but it' a Nintendo sample!). They've also sampled Destroyer & some others I can't think of right now.
Posted 08/11/2005 - 11:21:02 PM by bassman08:
 I think that Radiohead's "I Might Be Wrong" would make good sampling material (the beat and guitar riff especially). Especially if they looped in Thom Yorke's voice in as he sings "I might be wrong" then moans inaudably for a while. Could sound creepy if someone did a hip-hop track based around it.
Posted 01/29/2006 - 12:56:20 PM by tylerevans5151:
 Again this article shows how much of an as* clown this author is.