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Top Ten Songs I Could Listen To Forever

By: Clem Bastow

Posted 07/22/2005 - 09:14:16 AM by janinedm:
 I'm so with you on Bittersweet Symphony and I Will Always Love you. Aside from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas being one of the best musical movie ever, I have to admit that when Dolly starts that song, it makes me totally well up a bit. And as for Bittersweet Symphony, it could sit just as comfortably on the list of relentless songs. It doesn't have the vibe of an Andrew WK song, but it does mysteriously drive you.
Posted 07/22/2005 - 10:31:11 AM by bassman08:
 Hahaha. The Quad City DJs. Gotta love it. "Spirit in the Sky" is also a great choice - it always just sounded so HEAVY to me. I'm not sure what it is that makes it sound like that to me, but for some reason it always strikes me as heavy. I would probably have "Blue Monday" somewhere on my list, if I were to make one. I always get excited when the guitar /synth/ whateverthefuckitis joins the drums in the beginning, then it all just STOPS and the drums are hit - "Chick chick chick chick! Chick chick chick chick". (I'm not sure if those are the right drum noises but oh well).
Posted 07/22/2005 - 10:41:06 AM by J_R_K_:
 good call on Bittersweet Symphony. and Withnail & I.
Posted 07/22/2005 - 11:43:37 AM by Xopchipili:
 Thank you for finally acknowledging the key to Bittersweet Symphony! Between that beautiful punchy string riff and Ashcroft's vox, nobody ever seems to notice that the heart of the song is the drum track. One extra accented beat, once per measure, and suddently you've got one of the most propulsivly insistent rhythms on record!
Posted 07/22/2005 - 02:28:48 PM by thatguy:
 I could have sworn it was "in like flint"
Posted 07/22/2005 - 05:07:27 PM by phuett:
 Mmm... "Desperados Under the Eaves" would most definitely be in my list as well. Such a lovely air conditioner, don't you think?
Posted 07/23/2005 - 01:46:33 AM by clem_bastow:
 thatguy, I think it's turned into "in like Flynn" here in Oz in honour of noted pantsman (and Tasmanian!), Erroll Flynn. And yes, yes, yes to everyone else.
Posted 07/25/2005 - 12:37:09 AM by IanMathers:
 Personally for me it's "Temptation" by New Order, "New Animals From The Air" by Eluvium, "Game Of Pricks" by Guided By Voices, "King Dragonfly" by Susumu Yokota and "Head Falls To Shoulders" by Readymade.
Posted 07/29/2005 - 12:53:40 PM by weisel:
 Right on about a movie introducing you to a songs greatness. I fancy myself a "serious" music listener and was always ashamed to admit how many songs I re-discover via a film/film trailer. C.I.P.- "Mr. Blue Sky" - ELO from _Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind_