Dead Letter Office
The Chords

By: Todd Hutlock

Posted 07/11/2005 - 12:53:02 PM by cwperry:
 This exact thing has happened to me for about 13 years. Maddening.
Posted 07/11/2005 - 10:05:03 PM by JustinC-L:
 Maybe an alternate tuning? That often gets me out of a rut, and with the new figure positions you'll have to deliberately try to get the same chords (and the voicings will be different anyway).
Posted 07/12/2005 - 07:15:41 AM by MoldyMan:
 this kinda thing happens to me as well. i think keith richards said that thing about receiving songs. the thing is, some people are just talented creative people, some people like us have to force it out. I've just accepted that im not talented. Thats why we all turn into critics.