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By: UK Stylus Staff

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Posted 06/21/2005 - 03:25:58 PM by TheBrad:
 "I don't have to be anything other/Than a prison guard's son" is quite possibly the best pop opening line in quite some time.
Posted 06/22/2005 - 12:53:16 PM by amyphillips:
 Alex Macpherson: Fat men shouldn't be allowed to make records. umm... wtf? does that say what i think it does? that is some hateful stuff right there. really, what's the difference between that and "black people shouldn't be allowed to make records"?
Posted 06/22/2005 - 01:56:15 PM by JimFitz:
 Now replace "shouldn't be allowed to make records" with "should be exterminated". Now, let's wait for someone to mention Adolf.
Posted 06/22/2005 - 05:43:21 PM by gloden:
 yeah, I agree. I haven't read anything more offensive on Stylus. Alex, just remember: if you're going to be offensive and push buttons, please please please make it funny. Otherwise, it's just plain evil.
Posted 06/23/2005 - 03:55:03 AM by cispontine:
 idiot Alex, what about Biggie? If Fiddy Cent's "just a lil bit" had been in this week's selection, I would have pointed out that it is fantastic beyond measure and more than makes up for the sins of Candy Shop.