On Second Thought
Scritti Politti - Cupid & Psyche 85

By: Thomas Inskeep

Posted 06/21/2005 - 04:01:26 PM by dothestrand:
 Exceptionally good album. Better than 'Songs To Remember'? Probably...but only just. Green's a great songwriter, and add this to the most cutting edge sounds of the time, which in turn influenced mid 80s R&B;, and you have a great record.
Posted 06/22/2005 - 09:56:48 AM by TheBrad:
 It's great to see another rave over "Absolute". I love the album, but obviously not as much or for as long as you have, so I'm reaching for the disc as we speak.
Posted 06/22/2005 - 05:36:42 PM by gloden:
 I didn't discover "Perfect Way" (or this album for that matter) until last year. As a closet Basement Jaxx fan, I was blown away intially by the production. So maximalist and kitchen-sink in the way it cuts up basslines and plops in sound effects and sirens... basically covers every trick that the Jaxx continue to pull off today. I'll be listening to this album for the rest of my life and probably continuing to find little things that weren't available to me before.