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He Said–She Said: Ten Relationship Dialogue Songs

By: Ross Hoffman

Posted 05/06/2005 - 07:44:26 AM by Liarbythefire:
 This list is incomplete without The Human League's "Don't You Want Me."
Posted 05/06/2005 - 08:56:34 AM by adnaus23:
 That's what I thought too, until I read the last line of #1. But what a great article! I had no idea Positive K did that by himself. I would have found a space for "Get Out of My House" by The Streets, though.
Posted 05/06/2005 - 10:16:42 AM by Aaron1:
 2 more: "The Big Fight" by Stars, and "22: The Death Of All Romance" by The Dears
Posted 05/06/2005 - 10:48:03 AM by nlincol2:
 Just one recommendation-Cannibal Ox "The F-word RJD2 remix"
Posted 05/06/2005 - 12:22:30 PM by a-to-tha-lo:
 Don't forget 'I Luv U' --"That boy's some prick y'na"
Posted 05/06/2005 - 01:28:12 PM by Dave_W:
 Sometimes Always by Jesus & Mary Chain. A bit silly but I like it.
Posted 05/06/2005 - 02:44:02 PM by sovietpanda:
 Yes, this list absolutely needs "Don't You Want Me". I also like "Talk About Our Love" by Brandy feat. Kanye.
Posted 05/06/2005 - 03:31:16 PM by wh1tep0ny:
 I would of added "If You Were The Woman And I Was The Man" by Cowboy Junkies.
Posted 05/06/2005 - 03:53:36 PM by griffinwarrick:
 Not certain, but I'm pretty sure that the the Postal Service song is with Jen Wood, not Jenny Lewis. . . they both show up all over the album, but I think this duet is Wood.
Posted 05/06/2005 - 04:06:27 PM by nlincol2:
 What about Common's breakup letter to music itself "I used to love her"?
Posted 05/06/2005 - 05:33:43 PM by mbloodyv:
 Well, there's already been a feature dedicated to it, but the best relationship/conversation song is "Fairytale of New York."
Posted 05/07/2005 - 08:21:49 AM by cut_dead:
 Stars also would have felt at home on this list.
Posted 05/07/2005 - 04:08:19 PM by tripfontaine:
 what about mermaid eyes by luna?
Posted 05/08/2005 - 05:34:59 PM by endlessdiction:
 I see two major omissions, both by Tindersticks - A Marriage Made In Heaven and Buried Bones
Posted 05/08/2005 - 07:31:24 PM by fraew001:
 where's the meatloaf?
Posted 05/09/2005 - 04:43:57 PM by diasco:
 "Ciao" by Lush ft. Jarvis Cocker. List is absurd without it.
Posted 05/09/2005 - 07:54:25 PM by AaronCurtis:
 As soon as I saw the link on the front page I thought "This list had better have "Oh Yeah" by the Magnetic Fields" Very nice. Also appreciate the Tom Waits tune.