Pet Shop Boys: Young Offender

By: Alfred Soto

Posted 02/28/2006 - 06:55:33 PM by SonicBill11:
 Though I can surely see your take on the meaning of Young Offender, I have a much different interpretation. This song to me is about abusers (most notably, narcissistic abusers)spoken from the point of view of the victim. The robotic feel of the song portrays the robot-like behaviors of these types of people. "Young Offender, why the pretense? I know, I know." This is the victim realizing the person (abuser) is a fake. By the end of the song, Neil sounds very sad. This is the victim realizing that there is no hope for change from this abuser. Also, the song never really ends. It goes on and on and abusers. After having dealt with a narcissistic abuser once in my life, this song has become very personal to me. Such a great song.