Under the Covers
New Order

By: Todd Burns

Posted 02/15/2005 - 11:09:21 AM by Sotoalf:
Posted 02/16/2005 - 08:09:29 AM by mrtntrn:
 You've managed to shed light on the magnificent Saville, and high art, without an overabundance of generic '-isms' or sounding like a university paper. Bravo.
Posted 02/16/2005 - 08:11:38 AM by bj_randolph:
 Supposedly there is a spelling error somewhere in the colour-coded stuff, but I don't know what or where. On the back, perhaps? Anyone know about this?
Posted 02/16/2005 - 04:37:11 PM by calder:
 Coincidentally, I saw this cover displayed today on the 3rd floor of the Victoria & Albert Museum. It's part of the V&A;'s 20th century design collection. A few other album covers were on display as well but nothing as memorable as P,C&L.; Next, how about Another Green World?