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Top Ten TV Themes Of All Time

By: Ryan Hardy

Posted 01/28/2005 - 09:56:13 AM by MattChesnut:
 Oh, you don't know how badly I would've liked to have done this. Except I would've have the good sense to include Sanford and Son and the Price Is Right!
Posted 01/28/2005 - 10:06:09 AM by Tachikoma:
 Actually I also intend to do this.... with anime theme songs. I gotta say, except for HNIC, this list should be called "Top Ten American Television Theme Songs Of All Time." If you disagree, then where my Dr. Who theme at? I bet Swygart wouldve included it.......
Posted 01/28/2005 - 10:29:09 AM by brothernumber1:
 Come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you, where the kisses are hers and hers and his, three's company, too. Come and dance on our floor, take a step that is new. We've a loveable space that needs your face, three's company, too. You'll see that life is a ball again,laughter is calling for you. Down at our rendezvous...three's company, too.
Posted 01/28/2005 - 11:23:58 AM by eyeshaveit:
 Sanford and Son and The Price is Right are both EXTREMELY worthy picks, and both far better for the '70s than Three's Company, much as I like it. Also, how 'bout MASH? It's instantly memorable, surprisingly poignant, and the original title is "Suicide is Painless". Doesn't get much more subversive than that on network TV.... Also, Law and Order, because it's so bad it's good, the bass is hilarious, and all the variations on the theme for the spin-offs are even more hilarious.
Posted 01/28/2005 - 12:24:15 PM by hutlock:
 There's now way I would have taken out Three's Company, but man, Sanford & Son is one bad-ass groove. I almost bought a Quincy Jones box set once just to get that cut. An old college roommate (Peter Barsky) and I actually came up with lyrics for it that we would sing while we watched the re-runs at 11 every night on our tiny little 13" dorm room TV. Those were the days... (hey, that's another one I would have put on!)
Posted 01/28/2005 - 12:33:11 PM by digestion:
 You should be fired for not including "Sanford & Son." I'm kidding. Sort of.
Posted 01/28/2005 - 01:50:47 PM by Bombastico:
 Yeah, M*A*S*H, Sanford & Son... How about The Simpsons? Or Perry Mason? Taxi! The old Batman animated series had a good orchestral theme. And you can't argue with the Fat Albert bassline. And personally, I prefer the Millennium theme to teh X-Files theme as far as Mark Snow is concerned. As to the article's claim that the Hawaii Five-O theme is a peak for surf music surpassed only by "Wipe Out," I direct you to the following (A small sampling): Dick Dale: "Misirlou" Duane Eddy: "Rebel Rouser" the Tornadoes: "Telstar" the Ventures: "Out of Limits" Man... or Astroman?: "Reverb 10,000" Bambi Molesters: the entire Sonic Bullets album Surftones: "Cecilia Ann" (better known in the Pixies version) Mind you, I like "Hawaii Five-O," but I could go on like this forever.
Posted 01/28/2005 - 01:52:47 PM by Bombastico:
 Agh, I forgot that it mashes everything into one paragraph.
Posted 01/28/2005 - 02:26:58 PM by djstandby:
 Two Words: "What's Happening"
Posted 01/28/2005 - 03:08:30 PM by pmacfunk:
 To not mention "Greatest American Hero" is a travesty of biblical proportions. Anyone hear the Black Diamond mix Cd that samples Sanford & Son theme. Brilliant.
Posted 01/28/2005 - 04:16:51 PM by thejoe:
 the kids in the hall theme still make me very happy.
Posted 01/28/2005 - 05:49:36 PM by grodinsky:
 law and order
Posted 01/28/2005 - 05:50:31 PM by proffokker:
 MASH has to be in the top ten. But has anyone mentioned Matlock? You have to admit the hard swing filtered through dixieland horns is pretty compelling. And of course, the list of great anime themes goes on and on (i.e. Cowboy Bebop).
Posted 01/28/2005 - 06:38:31 PM by IanMathers:
 Good points all, but he did warn you he doesn't watch more TV. More importantly: Hockey Night in Canada. Oh yes.
Posted 01/28/2005 - 07:04:42 PM by ddamage:
 How can you leave off THE JEFFERSONS?????
Posted 01/28/2005 - 07:10:32 PM by childstarc:
 Someone should be defending the "friends" theme. To extend one of the arguments above, not only do people have this on mp3, but millions payed actual money to own a physical copy. note for note, it's also the damn catchiest bug on the jumping box.
Posted 01/28/2005 - 07:19:36 PM by mheumann:
 My personal list would have to include the theme to "Blake's 7," "Dr. Who," "Futurama," "Father Ted," among others. But those are my personal favorite series, so I won't push them on anyone else. WORST THEME SONG, however, is without a doubt: "Diff'rent Strokes," penned by none other than Alan Thicke. Worst line: "They ain't got nothin' but dem jeans." Bad music, bad lyrics, and RACIST to the extreme.
Posted 01/28/2005 - 08:04:30 PM by Nick_S:
 Hey... what about PERFECT STRANGERS??? Or the Andy Griffith Show ???? OR "Dear Aunt Agnes" (for all of those other Ontarians born circa 1981). Those are all CLASSIC!
Posted 01/28/2005 - 08:45:56 PM by MattChesnut:
 mheumann, I would've mentioned Futurama, but I think I'm a tad biased because of my drooling fanboy relationship with said show. Oh, but who can forget the synth-wonder that is JEOPARDY?
Posted 01/29/2005 - 01:50:03 AM by WoolyDP:
 You missed: Rockford Files Sandford and Son Really, unforgivable when I see X-files... yes, it fits but Rockford gets me moving...
Posted 01/29/2005 - 08:04:42 AM by pagan_poet:
 No Seinfeld? No Gilligan's Island? No Brady Bunch? No Adams Family? No Twin Peaks? No The Nanny? No Dr Who? No Get Smart? No Happy Days? No The Muppets? No Sesame Street? No Mr Ed? No Peanuts? No Twilight Zone? etc
Posted 01/29/2005 - 12:27:35 PM by Kevin_Worrall:
 Guys. . .cmon. . .THE A-TEAM! If I were ever a pro wrestler, that would be my themesong without a friggin doubt.
Posted 01/30/2005 - 11:52:49 PM by snowface:
 Good article. Knight Rider theme is the best hands down in my book. My friend is obsessed with it. As for recent shows, I like the theme for Freaks and Geeks but maybe that's because i like the show itself so much.
Posted 01/31/2005 - 09:41:54 AM by downbylaw:
 barney miller, bitches! that bass is amazing.
Posted 01/31/2005 - 05:07:05 PM by Bombastico:
 You really dropped the ball by not including 60 Minutes.
Posted 01/31/2005 - 10:40:13 PM by mbloodyv:
 What about MacGyver? "Dada dada dada da, dada da, dada da dada da da DA daaa...(etc.)"
Posted 02/01/2005 - 02:50:55 PM by clockoouut:
 you missed the ultimates: *Perfect Strangers *Hey Dude!
Posted 02/01/2005 - 05:41:17 PM by grodinsky:
Posted 02/02/2005 - 09:02:46 PM by spacemanspiff:
 The Daily Show!
Posted 02/05/2005 - 08:57:33 PM by RavingLunatic:
 How about the Peanuts theme? That has to be on there. Ren and Stimpy? Ghostbusters? Another Classic: Inspector Gadget.
Posted 02/05/2005 - 08:58:43 PM by RavingLunatic:
 Also, mbloodyv is right: Macgyver's got a great theme song.
Posted 03/09/2005 - 02:07:59 PM by ElsieBean:
 The party in this thread is long over, but I gotta speak: WKRP, Alias, Hill Street Blues, The Flintstones (shout out to John Candy in Planes, Trains), Felicity (shut up), and props to the guy who said 60 Minutes. That was choice.
Posted 03/10/2005 - 10:54:35 AM by unsaunsa:
 Ninja Turtles. You dropped the ball Ryan. Although you were a young bloke at the time.
Posted 04/29/2005 - 06:24:09 PM by char905:
 Dear Aunt Agnes!!! I have been thinking about that show lately and trying to remember what the premise was. I am just glad that someone else watched it!!!
Posted 07/17/2005 - 10:40:46 PM by basophil:
 The theme from late 70s game show "Tic-Tac-Dough." Fake handclaps, Keith Moon-inspired drumming, and a wet-fart analog synth lead that drills a fresh new hole in your skull upon every listen. Utterly brilliant, and yes, I have downloaded it.