The Top 50 Albums: 2000-2005

By: Stylus Staff

Posted 01/18/2005 - 05:10:45 AM by bakinakwa:
 Let's hope this fares better than the Singles list, right?
Posted 01/18/2005 - 06:30:24 AM by BeeOKay:
 "Let's hope this fares better than the Singles list, right?" Especially when you have a writer openly say I have listened to more B.S. pop than the Super Furry Animals. SFA are the best band in the world today, hands down, IMO.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 06:50:11 AM by kuttor:
 I agree, BeeOkay, though I like SFA's '90s albums better. Still, I can imagine that they will have Aaliyah here, and none of SFA's albums.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 06:57:04 AM by matos_wk:
 looking good so far, though Daft Punk and Luomo are ridiculously low.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 07:47:03 AM by Turtle:
 Don't be so freakin ghey. SFA are quite irrelevent.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 08:27:50 AM by ddrake:
 Thanks Matos! I think Luomo may have suffered vote splitting.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 08:39:56 AM by rollie_p:
 i'd like to know when the sfa became the measure for authenticity in all listmaking pursuits. i kinda liked them before the fan club came through here, actually. maybe i should break the news to the folks that the rest of the list may actually have black music in it now so that they don't find something inane and pretentious to complain about later. OH SHIT I JUST DID
Posted 01/18/2005 - 08:57:44 AM by kuttor:
 Yeah, rollie, everyone who doesn't like Aaliyah and mainstream r'n'b is a racist. Get the point.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 09:31:17 AM by bakinakwa:
 "“Love Machine” is Stray Cats gone riot grrrrl" This, this is not okay. This is wrong! Don't do that, ever!
Posted 01/18/2005 - 10:34:47 AM by scottpl:
 how did daft punk wind up so low??
Posted 01/18/2005 - 10:48:26 AM by AUnterberger:
 Yeah, that's insane. Maybe consensus isn't that strong on Discovery outside of ILM after all.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 11:47:22 AM by jacobycr:
 I feel like I'm the only person that thinks m83 is one of the greatest records of all time...and Kid A has to be number one right in front of source tags and codes and yankee hotel foxtrot.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 11:51:48 AM by kuttor:
 And no 'Kid A' please... at least not in the top10.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 12:14:44 PM by MattChesnut:
 Oh, poor kuttor, you know it's coming, though. It's like a Jordan-led Bulls championship. Can you feel it? CAN YOU FEEL THE AWESOME POWER THAT IS KID A AT NUMBER ONE?!
Posted 01/18/2005 - 12:20:36 PM by Hexagon:
 Super Furry Animals have been shit for years. This everyone with a semblance of taste knows. Don't be one of those sad old cunts that won't let a dead band lie, like fans of the Manics. I'm expecting to see Original Pirate Material high in the list. And rightly so. But if you stick some fucking Jay-Z record at Number 1, I will FREAK OUT on you.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 12:45:25 PM by morninghollow:
 speaking of bands that have been shit for years... please, please, PLEASE no radiohead or wilco in the top 10... i could maybe squeeze Kid A into the top 20... but please none of this Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is so innovative it's breathtaking stuff. let's hope this is the list where The Wrens' the Meadowlands, Over the Rhine's Ohio, Songs: Ohia's The Magnolia Electric Co. and the Microphones' The Glow, Part 2 finally get their much deserved due. Sigh.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 12:47:07 PM by eyeshaveit:
 I'm thinkin' Stankonia is gonna give Kid A a run for its money on this, actually.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 01:02:38 PM by thejoe:
 The comment I disagree with most in the list is the "Kraftwerk were amateurs" part. Anyone who tries to pin them to the humans-pretending-to-be-robots thing clearly doesn't understand what's going on. Kraftwerk have done more for music than any "artist" on this list will ever do (though, yes, I would prefer Daft Punk in the club). Joe
Posted 01/18/2005 - 01:07:55 PM by eyeshaveit:
 I'm pretty sure the "Kraftwerk were amateurs" comment was sarcastic.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 01:29:26 PM by proffokker:
 I think I kind of see where Rollie is coming from. But along a similar line of conversation, it seems like genres are more segregated then they were in, say, 1982. Between "white" and "black" styles of music there's very little cross pollination. Ever noticed how "Urban," despite not really having any stylistic qualities, is applied like a blanket term to most music by black artists. Ever wondered why it's so hard to find black rock artists, or why Eminem are the Streets are almost treated like novelties? It may not be naked, ugly racism, but something has happened. At least in my experience, I find very few people who can listen to and enjoy both rap and indie rock without any tokenism. (If it sounds disjointed, it's because the nature of race in music is always a conundrum for me
Posted 01/18/2005 - 01:33:04 PM by proffokker:
 Oh, and I do hope Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is there. Self-indulgent to be sure, but the songs do exhibit a real sense of song craft before they spin off into musique concrete and white noise. The white noise is damn good too.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 02:02:04 PM by Havalina:
 Some good stuff so far (Streets, Daft Punk,Flaming Lips, Jay-Z), and a lot of things I want to hear too (Manitoba, Godspeed, Delgados). I never really got into that M83 album though. And don't call me a pop hater, cos I'm not, but I don't understand why so many critics love Girls Aloud. It's generic and poor - I can't remember a song by them I've enjoyed. YHF will be near the top, as it should be. If it's joined there by Source Tags and The Meadowlands I'll be happy.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 02:35:36 PM by AKMoose:
 I'm surprised to be seeing Daft Punk on this list at all. My friend and I laughed our way through the entire album once. Let me give more detail on that, because it sounds more damning than it is: we enjoyed it, but after he noted that "Digital Love" sounded like it could have been the theme song to an 80's sitcom (just imagine an old sitcom intro where the characters walk into the living room and style as their credit rolls underneath them playing over the song's intro,) we went on a running gag saying that the other songs on the album could be the soundtrack to. I do remember one was a generic glitzy drive down the Vegas strip song, too. Good disc, but top fifty? I was more surprised to see the huge ranking of "Digital Love," though.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 02:38:35 PM by jacobycr:
 I definetly did not know how many people liked meadowlands and i totally agree that it's an awesome album. But with Kid A you have to take into accout my computer and how amazing that ablum is and then radiohead completely does something different and makes Kid A and it's brilliant. And the trail of dead just know how to make amazing indie rock.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 03:03:07 PM by cleverbeans:
 The Meadowlands by The Wrens is absolute garbage, after the first few songs it starts to suck like granny in a retirement home. Yet another example of P-fork setting bad musical trends.
Posted 01/18/2005 - 03:35:31 PM by Shinji:
 @cleverbeans, I'm kind of surprised you didn't like Meadowlands. I know a lot of people don't really dig Wilco, but Meadowlands I thought was a fantastic album. Have you ever heard an album to so accurately and convincingly communicate the conflicted emotions of a heart wrenching break up? Everything about that album just flat out tastes like the very juices of heart ache -- everything from the stomach churning throat clearing at the beginning of "This is Not What You Had Planned", to do the up-and-down tempo and feeling of each song, much like the roller coaster of emotions one goes through during a break up. I suppose in someways my view of the album is tainted as it is quite literally the sound of the most difficult times in my life, but even then, listening to the album now I can't deny it's brilliance.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 01:09:03 AM by JohnICV:
 Good calls by jacobycr and morninghollow. M83's album is amazing and immensely interesting. The new one due out the 24th, 'Before the Dawn Heals Us,' is also just a magnificent piece of work. The song 'Don't Save Us from the Flames,' is absolutely jawdropping and will blow your face off at first listen. The are also purportedly going to release ANOTHER full-length on Feb. 8th. Also, The Microphones' The Glow Pt. 2 should undoubtedly be in the top 3. I personally think much higher of it than anything Radiohead ever did, or anything Wilco ever did too. Also, judging by the graphic on the top of the page (which has the ornate feather/frond in the upper corner which is from the Arcade Fire's album cover) that band is going to appear on here. Is it just me or are they the abosolute most hyped and overated band of the year? That record is unremarkable.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 02:41:18 AM by badhaircut:
 Seriously. Three months after downloading it and I'm still in the clinic. They just finished resetting my jaw but the skin graft is going to take months to finish. Strange how the two reviews I've read thus far of the new album seem to be down on the song. It's really one of the best things I've heard over the past few years. What I'm waiting for is an answer to why it's called "Don't Save Us From The Flames." Why don't they want to be saved? This troubles me.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 02:44:21 AM by badhaircut:
 I got so pumped up reading that Junior Boys blurb that I almost kicked my mom in the face.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 04:07:53 AM by Snorfle:
 certainly better than the singles list. just for giving the Delgados a spot (I would have picked Great Eastern, but hey) I really can't bring myself to bitch about anything else.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 04:31:28 AM by kuttor:
 Hexagon: the last 2 SFA albums are a bit weaker stuff but they will never be that crap as Manics have been. That Junior Boys blurb was pretty irritating. BTW, I always thought that the worshipping of Kid A and Radiohead is just the perversity of Pitchfork.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 04:51:24 AM by Liarbythefire:
 Again, I reiternate that Nellie McKay has no business being on any 'best albums' list. Hopefully, Kanye West's album won't appear either (I think the jury's still out on him).
Posted 01/19/2005 - 08:40:28 AM by Havalina:
 Yo La Tengo at 25, awesome! But why is it accompanied by a picture of a baked beans can?
Posted 01/19/2005 - 09:15:05 AM by phuett:
 I don't know, but it reminds me of the cover of The Who Sell Out...
Posted 01/19/2005 - 11:42:24 AM by Hexagon:
 I love hip hop, but the cult of Eminem is something I'll never understand. Everything he writes is juvenile toss, the production is dull as dishwater and he's never had a single hook that even compares with the best any of the Wu canon have used, or any other esteemed hip hop artist for that matter. I think it's the highbrow critic syndrome; some rightwing toff trying to get back in touch with the people by championing some half-literate egotist and claiming his writing is 'poetry' or something. The Marshall Mathers LP is genuinely among the very worst hip hop albums I've heard.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 11:43:01 AM by VeganInFurs:
 I hope to see Original Pirate Material in the top 5 or 8 at least. It's so much better than A Grand Don't Come... I couldn't believe you had Internal Wrangler (I thought people had forgotten this albums brilliance) and Vision Creation Newsun, either. Two outstanding albums.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 11:46:45 AM by brente:
 People, get ahold of yourselves. Just because something you hate places high or something you love doesn't place at all doesn't mean you have to change your opinion. Stylus is not a fascist regime. This list is merely meant to reflect the collective tastes of a relatively small group of people. If it places lower than you think it should, it doesn't mean it's not as good as you think, just that it doesn't have quite as much of a following as other, more highly ranked albums. If something that you think should rank very highly actually does, then all that means is that you think the same as the Stylus people, i.e. you are a Stylus snob, no better than a Pfork snob. Is that really what you want? Also, why is everything either "better be in the top 5" or "absolute garbage" with some of you? (re: the Wrens, SFA, Radiohead, etc.) Stylus is never going to hire you with that kind of attitude. Even things that are terrible usually have some redeeming quality. And just about nothing is absolutely perfect. You are human beings. You are allowed to like something only marginally, or to dislike something but respect how others can like it. Before you say something about a certain band or album, think of whether or not you would be willing to say the same thing about a black person or a jew. In the end, this is an entertaining list to read, but it's kind of jumping the gun. Albums need about two years distance from when they came out before you can really tell how they stand up against other, older albums. Maybe a 1998-2002 timeframe would have been better. Also, that Yo La Tengo pic is just gross.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 12:31:29 PM by Hexagon:
 "Stylus is never going to hire you with that kind of attitude." Who said any of us want to write for Stylus? The comments section is for just that: commenting. If I think the SFA are toss and I'm given the opportunity to say so, I'll say it. How dull would this be to read if it was just a subsidiary commentary of the list?
Posted 01/19/2005 - 12:54:43 PM by trigrrrcut:
 It's obvious that 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' will be on the list as Jeff Tweedy is totally in the graphic for the list. (In fact I'd be surprised if it didn't crack the top ten, It is a well deserved entry. Not for innovation but for quality.) I'm really pulling for a 'Meadowlands' Top ten spot, it's an album i think yr average indie rock fan will live in for the rest of their lives. I was also pulling for the inclusion of LCD Soundsystem's album which mind you isn't out yet but if this list was done in 3 months it would be.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 01:22:47 PM by brente:
 Hexagon: Of course you can say whatever you want, but what's the point of pissing people off? SFA hasn't even made the list yet, and I doubt they will. So why nail the hammer in the coffin? I personally wouldn't put them on a top 50 of 2000-2004 (maybe in a top 100), but by God, I would die for someone else's right to do that. Well, not die. Maybe I'd eat something that had fallen on the ground for their right to do that. If it hadn't gotten wet or dirty or anything. And I was really hungry.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 01:35:20 PM by IanMathers:
 It's a little disturbing that kuttor seems to assume that everyody's opinion must either be in deference or reaction to Pitchfork's. "BTW, I always thought that the worshipping of Kid A and Radiohead is just the perversity of Pitchfork." Well, surprisingly enough, there are plenty of people who like that album and/or that band without reference to whichever pfork writers like them. There are even people who dislike them without reference to Pitchfork. Or Stylus, for that matter. It's even possible to read either or both sites _and_ have opinions about the bands within _and yet_ have those opinions independently of what you read.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 01:43:51 PM by Hexagon:
 "Hexagon: Of course you can say whatever you want, but what's the point of pissing people off? SFA hasn't even made the list yet, and I doubt they will. So why nail the hammer in the coffin?" That's just the kind of guy I am.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 01:56:03 PM by brente:
 Yeah, I never even heard about Radiohead until Pitchfork started talking about them...actually I discovered Pitchfork because I was so insanely obsessed with Kid A that I was looking around the internet for someone to corroborate my opinion, and I really liked the review they had for it. Sure, they have their faults just like anyone else, but if it weren't for Pitchfork or other sites like it (i.e. this one) I wouldn't know about half of what's coming out nowadays that I end up liking. And come on, does anybody really rave about music they don't like that much anymore just because an established music review source told them to? Please. That's so 2001.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 02:54:59 PM by clamsy:
 oh fuck all of you poofs. and if "mastered by guy at the exchange" isn't on here, relatively well-placed, none of you are actually paying attention.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 03:56:14 PM by kuttor:
 Ian: I usually like the sites like Pitchfork or Stylus. Just a big mistake of both mags this uncritical adoration of post-'Kid A' Radiohead. Their last decent record was OK Computer (and that was overrated too, so maybe The Bends). Radiohead as a band are not so relevant, I think. But I would bet: Kid A will be #1 here.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 04:01:24 PM by DoctorGonzo:
 Honestly have to agree with IanMathers'/other's comments on Pitchfork etc. What some of you fools fail to realise is that perhaps, just *perhaps*, sites like Pitchfork and Stylus give albums good reviews because they're actually *good*. Congrats on the list so far, I enjoy most of the choices, the only one - of those I've heard - I don't like is the Eminem LP. What puzzles me is how the Girls Aloud album can place in this list while coming relatively low in the 2004 list, did lots of voters hear it over the last few weeks, or what? It would have been good to see The Wrens in the list somewhere, but realisticallyI don't really think Meadowlands deserves a place in the top 20. Also: trigrrrcut, LCD Soundsystem's debut won't be on the list because it will be released in 2005, outside the range of this list.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 04:09:29 PM by morninghollow:
 just thought i'd contribute my own personal top 20 before you stylus folks beat me to the punch. 1 - Over the Rhine - Ohio (Did nobody else hear this album???) 2 - The Wrens - The Meadowlands 3 - Songs: Ohia - The Magnolia Electric Co. 4 - The Microphones - The Glow, Part 2 5 - Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Master and Everyone 6 - The Arcade Fire - Funeral 7 - Animal Collective - Sung Tongs 8 - Cat Power - You Are Free 9 - Modest Mouse - The Moon and Antarctica 10 - The Innocence Mission - Befriended 11 - Iron & Wine - The Creek Drank the Cradle 12 - Panda Bear - Young Prayer 13 - Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher 14 - Jason Molina - The Pyramid Electric Co. 15 - Arab Strap - The Red Thread 16 - Devendra Banhart - Rejoicing in the Hands 17 - Radiohead - Kid A 18 - Trail of Dead - Source Tags and Codes 19 - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - How I Long to Feel that Summer in My Heart 20 - Rachel's - Systems/Layers
Posted 01/19/2005 - 04:15:37 PM by kingsleyzissou:
 Only twenty slots left and my list still has nearly forty left unaccounted for. Oh well, as long as Kid A (and Hail to the Thief), Funeral, Her Majesty, Chutes Too Narrow (and/or Oh, Inverted World), Kill the Moonlight, something by Wilco (YHF is great; Ghost is better), Proxima Estacion (not likely), and Agaetis Byrjun make it. That still leaves room for the usual suspects: Stankonia, Turn on the Bright Lights, The Eminem Show, Source Tags and Codes, College Dropout, Blueberry Boat, You Forgot It in People etc.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 04:56:49 PM by Hexagon:
 Stankonia isn't that good, either. It's inconsistent and the skits (dear God, someone please introduce a law against them) are fucking terrible. I sometimes wonder if you lot have even heard these albums or if you're just chiming in to be heard.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 05:06:11 PM by Sotoalf:
 Actually, kuttor, I trashed "Amnesiac" in an "On Second Thought" column in October.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 05:37:07 PM by KyleMcConaghy:
 morninghollow-- Nice list! It is fun to see where people are coming from. I was wondering if you are from Cincinnati, since you are a big Over the Rhine fan and all. I, admittedly, have yet to hear the whole album, but you have sparked my interest and I would like to change that fact.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 05:57:43 PM by browngirl5566:
 hmmmm....not sure how I feel about this list thus far.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 06:22:29 PM by IanMathers:
 Yes but Hexagon you think that Lemonjelly is "one of this country's greatest assets". No-one's taste is pristine.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 06:30:00 PM by Hexagon:
 Lemon Jelly are inarguably this country's premier electronica artists. 'This country' referring only to England, because obviously Boards of Canada are peerless. You're a Franz Ferdinand fan, right?
Posted 01/19/2005 - 09:46:18 PM by mbloodyv:
 Number of times has been mentioned in this comment section: 13. Congratulations guys.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 09:48:15 PM by jacobycr:
 I have to say that if Broken Social Scene is in the top 10 that is pretty amazing. I really think source tags and codes deserves to be in the top 10 along with turn on the bright lights and how about greetings from michigan maybe being in the top 20
Posted 01/19/2005 - 09:57:58 PM by jacobycr:
 Here's a good thing to debate about: What has been the best year in music in the 00's...and who has been the best band
Posted 01/19/2005 - 11:00:03 PM by xcreantXX:
 Yeah, girls aloud are no good. All the same, I really like the inclusion of Daft Punk and Luomo, as many other mags would not have done. Non-IDM electronic music is so terribly marginalized these days, and while there is a surplus of the bad stuff, the good exists. I would like to see some Adult. in the top 20, but I doubt it. Honestly, mp3 blogs and internet zines have picked up tons of great bands recently, and I have little about which to complain.
Posted 01/19/2005 - 11:01:48 PM by xcreantXX:
 As for best band, mclusky would be up there, and 2000 was the best year - Moon and Antarctica, Kid A, Lift Yr Skinny Fists are all among my favorites.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 12:12:20 AM by IanMathers:
 Oh, of course, if I don't like Lemon Jelly clearly I'm a rockist or something. Nope, don't like FF, except for "Take Me Out" (which even many fans will admit towers over the rest of their material so far).
Posted 01/20/2005 - 01:24:23 AM by brente:
 Best artist? Scott Herren. Best year? 2002 (YHF, BSS, the Notwist, Enon's "High Society," TOBL, Out Hud, Trail of Dead, sophomore albums from BoC and Sigur Ros, Beck & the Lips, the return of Sonic Youth, the Delgados, the Decemberists, etc.)
Posted 01/20/2005 - 02:56:50 AM by kuttor:
 Sotoalf: You are a mensch. And finally we know, where Hexagon is coming from. Lemon Jelly? Clowntime is over, mate. But mentioning Franz, their album should be in the top50 also, as 'Noise Made By People', 'Oh! Inverted World' and 'Kittenz and Thee Glitz". Yes.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 04:36:08 AM by citycalmdown:
 I'm happy The Avalanches got close to the top, although I personally would have put them even higher than 16. "Change" by the Dismemberment Plan should have been on this list. Criminally underrated.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 06:05:28 AM by Hexagon:
 "Oh, of course, if I don't like Lemon Jelly clearly I'm a rockist or something." I just assumed you had NME taste. I still do!
Posted 01/20/2005 - 07:49:16 AM by mbloodyv:
 You scribbled Dizzie Rascal lyrics in your notebook?
Posted 01/20/2005 - 08:01:21 AM by mbloodyv:
Posted 01/20/2005 - 08:34:43 AM by Hexagon:
 "And finally we know, where Hexagon is coming from. Lemon Jelly? Clowntime is over, mate." I doubt any of you have heard anything pre-Nice Weather For Ducks. Their debut, a collection of three EPs, has some of the best electronica available anywhere in the world. I defy you to listen to Page One and cop this attitude with me. And they remain totally unique in their field, as opposed to NME's latest saviors of rock, Franz Ferdinand, yet another utterly forgettable, generic indie fourpiece with nothing original to offer the world whatsoever.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 09:48:35 AM by kuttor:
 Hexagon: this dispute about Franz is really boring. Firstly, "originality" is not automatically means "good". Secondly, Franz F. is not a typical copycat indie band in my book. And the write catchy and good pop songs. That's it.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 09:49:49 AM by kuttor:
 Oops. "And THEY write catchy and good pop songs" - correctly.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 10:03:27 AM by Hexagon:
 No, originality "is not automatically means good", but that's beside the point. My point is that they're no different to any other dull indie band of the last few years that will soon be forgotten. Lemon Jelly are at the very least unique, whether you enjoy their singular brand of magic childlike electronica or not.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 10:28:02 AM by brente:
 YES! CAN OX!...kuttor, i agree that 'noise made by people' is top 10 caliber, but i doubt it has enough of a following to make it franz ferdinand, my only problem with this list is that it's too early to rate albums from 2004 with the rest of the half decade. who knows how we'll all feel about ff in a few years? i personally didn't care for them, but maybe i'll change my mind (like i did with the strokes). hell, maybe ff's next album will be so good that nobody will even care about their debut anymore. or maybe it will suck so bad that we all want to die. or maybe it will come out that they were lipsynching all along. anything can happen.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 12:04:37 PM by IanMathers:
 "rockist" = "NME taste". And that collection of MP3s was played incessantly 'round the newspaper office when it came out over here - it wasn't that good.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 12:53:28 PM by cleverbeans:
 The Avalanches = best background party music of the 00's next to maybe Erlend Oye's DJ Kicks (I need to give it a few more spins to really compare) and I found my copy in a used bin, go figure.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 02:32:05 PM by kingsleyzissou:
 I'm not surprised some of my favourites haven't (and won't) make the list. But, with only ten spots to go, there are at least a half dozen albums that will be left off entirely that I was sure the Stylus staff would pick in the top 15-20 of this wank.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 02:54:59 PM by brente:
 I think you should change your name back to Ned.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 03:31:00 PM by Hexagon:
 "And that collection of MP3s was played incessantly 'round the newspaper office when it came out over here - it wasn't that good." Well there's no accounting for the taste of those with a cold, dead black hole where a soul should be.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 03:38:18 PM by patient:
Posted 01/20/2005 - 04:16:43 PM by lukem887:
 except it's not, unless you mean higher up the page...
Posted 01/20/2005 - 04:55:30 PM by JBR100:
 Kylie Minogue's "Fever"? Surpruised to see that album listed. I do enjoy the album, but the songs kinda run into each other. Surely that album isn't listed, and Madonna's "Music" isn't?!?
Posted 01/20/2005 - 04:58:18 PM by jacobycr:
 this is my guess of the top 10 1. radiohead kid a 2.Outkast Stankonia 3.Songs Ohia Magnolia Electric Co 4.Prefuse 73 One Word Extingusher 5.Interpol Turn on the bright lights 6.Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 7. The Streets Original Pirate Material 8.Broken Social Scene You Forgot in People 8. The Wrens The Meadowlands 9.Trail of Dead Source Tags and Codes 10.Kanye West College Dropout or The Shins Chutes Too Narrow....What do you guys think?
Posted 01/20/2005 - 04:59:40 PM by JustinC-L:
 >>1 - Over the Rhine - Ohio (Did nobody else hear this album???) Beautiful album indeed. Not that it means much, but it didn't miss out on my list by much, and it might have made it if you had asked me a year ago. Great music for long drives at night.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 05:00:51 PM by jacobycr:
 Dammit i put two maybe the shins or Kanye will make it?
Posted 01/20/2005 - 05:03:31 PM by jacobycr:
 I forgot about moon and anarctica that will be on the list for sure
Posted 01/20/2005 - 07:27:31 PM by patient:
 when i said m83 was higher on the list than jay-z i meant on the page and..........the number is fucking higher as well (obviously) and yes, my point is def. that m83 are so much better than jay-z
Posted 01/20/2005 - 08:16:18 PM by MattChesnut:
 If the Ironman is on this piece twice in the top 10, I'm buying everyone top hats and monocles.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 09:25:06 PM by trigrrrcut:
  I sort of find it abhorent that 'The Black Album ' made it and 'The Blueprint' didn't. Also (I hate to nage but...)I'm really pulling for the Wrens, it's such a special album just put it at number 10 and I'll be happy it's clearly one notch (at least) better than Arcade Fire. Clearly.
Posted 01/20/2005 - 11:16:11 PM by Snorfle:
 Deltron 3030 > Cannibal Ox
Posted 01/20/2005 - 11:26:36 PM by scatter:
 trigrrrcut: you don't think the blueprint will be top ten?
Posted 01/20/2005 - 11:42:03 PM by scatter:
 top ten will definitely have radiohead, interpol, stankonia, streets, blueprint, and wilco, and it will probably have kanye and boards of canada. i'm not really sure what the other two will be, but i'm guessing notwist and broken social scene. slim chance for "is this it", maybe? not sure what number one will be, i'm going with interpol as the surprise winner. and what's up with stylus completely ignoring "smile"?
Posted 01/21/2005 - 12:50:47 AM by dogfight:
 Anyone think the Great Eastern or Neon Golden will be #1? Darkhorses for the top 10- Malkmus-s/t, Vincent Gallo-When, Elvis Costello-When I was cruel, B+S-Fold your hands child, Mojave 3-spoon & rafter, Idlewild-100 Broken Windows
Posted 01/21/2005 - 01:30:18 AM by kingsleyzissou:
 No Shins? WTF?
Posted 01/21/2005 - 01:39:47 AM by matos_wk:
 disappointingly high concentration of indie rock in the top ten, but hey, it's not my list. overall, pretty solid.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 03:32:58 AM by kuttor:
 Why does someone voted for 'Midnite Vultures' or the 3EPs from the Beta Band, when both were 90s releases? (Anyway, if Kid A is no.1 it seems that we had terrible years between 2000 and 2004, thought we didn't.)
Posted 01/21/2005 - 04:20:48 AM by Hexagon:
 Hm. I think I might be in agreement with you on Kid A.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 05:51:49 AM by Snorfle:
 "The Great Eastern" would only be #1 on my list. or maybe Menomena. Overall, not a bad top 10, though i'll never claim to understand the jay-z thing. I remember laughing at him "uh uh"ing over Foxy Brown songs way back when and I don't like him any better now. aw well, cheers!
Posted 01/21/2005 - 06:01:09 AM by proffokker:
 Whoever pointed out the absence of "Smile" is on to something. What gives? Even if most of the album is too quirky for you (it is for me) there's no denying the undiluted brilliance of the core of the album that ends with the stunning "Surf's Up." And it's got "Good Vibrations" on it. 'Nuff said.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 06:01:56 AM by proffokker:
 The person in question would be "scatter."
Posted 01/21/2005 - 06:20:57 AM by Hexagon:
 Albums that should have been released forty years ago if it weren't for the artist being a catatonic acid freak don't count.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 08:46:04 AM by Havalina:
 So that's no Wrens, no Trail Of Dead, no Kanye, no Shins and no Prefuse?! Interesting list all the same but all of the above were robbed.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 09:27:29 AM by lukem887:
 no Kanye is disappointing. I would probably rather have it than the Black Album and is possibly my favourite hip-hop album of recent years along with the cold vein. Glad to see Stylus haven't gone down the NME road and included The Grey Album in any of these lists though.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 09:35:17 AM by phuett:
 Yeah, to tell the truth I thought it was a pretty good list (kudos for GYBE!'s Lift Your Skinny Fists...), but I don't really understand how Source Tags & Codes didn't make all, let alone in the top 10. I can understand how the jury might be out on some of the more recent releases (Dungen's Ta Det Lungt, Augie March's Strange Bird), but ST&C; already seems like a classic...
Posted 01/21/2005 - 10:10:38 AM by hutlock:
 Re: To explain the lack of "Smile" coverage on Stylus -- Sorry everyone, but we really didn't mean to ignore the release of this. We had a writer who committed to writing a thoughtful, well-informed essay on it and needless to say, he never came through. By the time we were done extending deadlines and telling him to just take his time, it was January 2005 and now it would just look stupid to bother. So it isn't that we didn't want to cover it -- we were just sort of handcuffed by an individual bagging on an assignment and now it is too late. As to why I didn't vote for it personally -- I guess I still consider it a 60s album in my mind. I couldn't justify it is a "new release" and so it wasn't on my ballot. Can't speak for anyone else though.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 10:40:30 AM by MEKsLP:
 I feel this list represents the past 5 years about as well as any other list can. It would have been nice to maybe extend the list to 75 inclusions, or perhaps even 100, as there certainly would be enough quality albums to fill a list of that size. obviously no one is going to have every album they love included, but for the most part I dig it. Much better than the singles list, and thank god Xiu Xiu is not on here.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 10:41:16 AM by salparadisejr:
 Where are the Wrens? Meadowlands you fuckers!
Posted 01/21/2005 - 10:47:18 AM by brente:
 Top 10 albums that didn't make the list: 10) Out Hud: Street Dad 9) Les Savy Fav: Rome 8) Arovane: Tides 7) Enon: High Society 6) Unwound: Leaves Turn Inside You 5) The Notwist: Neon Golden 4) Prefuse 73: One Word Extinguisher 3) Broadcast: The Noise Made by People 2) DNTEL: Life is Full of Possibilities 1) Sufjan Stevens: Greetings from Michigan. Anybody with me?
Posted 01/21/2005 - 11:12:58 AM by MEKsLP:
 Yeah, I just noticed that "Greetings from Michigan" is not on the list. Sorry but that should be a crime.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 11:17:28 AM by Humbaba:
 Overall, a pretty good list, although the omission of Trail of Dead, The Shins, Blur, Mountains Goats, Animal Collective and others is curious. Anyway, even 5 years later, I still don't "get" Kid A--it's a decent record with some very interesting songs (Idioteque, Everything In Its Right Place, Morning Bell), but if some no-name band had released it as a debut or second album, no one would have hailed it as some watershed achievement in the history of mankind. I don't want to start an argument, but half of Kid A sounds like outtakes from Tubular Bells--what's so great about that? Radiohead got by on this one due to their reputation. This album might've been avant garde in 1970, but now it's just a good sub-Aphex Twin electronica record posing as some "deep" social statement, which it is not. It can't hold a candle to OK Computer, nor to records like Source Tags And Codes, Turn On The Bright Lights, and so on.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 12:15:28 PM by dogfight:
 So the list has four repeat bands Radiohead, Jay-Z, The Streets & Sigur Ros, I don't know that these acts needed to be recognized twice (Maybe Radiohead but KID A/Amnesiac are not drastically different), especially with notable acts that were not on at all. I'm not so sure about some of the recent albums like Junior Boys, Nellie McKay and Madvillan being part of the top 50. Just in terms of impact an album that I think ranks up there with a lot of the poppier stuff like Kylie Minogue is The Postal Service (who I am by no means a cheerleader for). It seems that at the end of the decade only twelve to fifteen albums will stay in the top 50. Hopefully it will be because the next five years is fantastic and not because of an effort to make present music seem more relevant or classic which i think this list is a little guilty of.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 12:36:22 PM by HipHopHippo:
 as much as you guys were rockin kanye's nuts in the singles list, I cant believe he wasnt on here. David Banner, Madvillany, and David Banner all had good releases, but I cannot make an argument as to how any of them were better. But hey, shit happens when you party naked.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 01:34:40 PM by inabillity:
 I'd just like to point out that Stylus' collective refusal to acknowledge the most aesthetically complete, emotional, real, surreal, soothing, disturbing, life-affirming, revolutionary, curtain-tearing trip of the decade (Geogaddi) creates an irrevocable tear in the foundations of the Stylus revealing a void to which all music criticism by offending Stylus writers (read: all of you) will henceforth be swept. I had to say something otherwise I'd feel like an accomplice. Sorry -- my soul takes it personally.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 02:02:19 PM by rollie_p:
 i just posted to say that stankonia is the worst outkast album and was not a top 20 album of the year it was released, let alone the third best of the half-decade. and yes, i know that 'midnite vultures' was 1999 (and op. doomsday was originally out on fondle em' in 1999, but was re-released on a different label [subverse] in 2000) but only figured it out long after things were tabulated. to insert my outrageous missing favorite album bitchfest: HOT SHOTS II WHERE IS IT
Posted 01/21/2005 - 02:17:37 PM by morninghollow:
 Oh, Stylus. Sigh. The Meadowlands?? The Magnolia Electric Co?? Prefuse 73?? Animal Collective?? Trail of Dead?? nope. kylie minogue is clearly the superior artist. and right on with the most predictable numbers one and two--err, ever. it just shows that cynical world weariness and subpar attempts at experimentalism by popular musical groups will win out over texture, songwriting, and emotion in these kind of things every time.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 02:25:08 PM by ddrake:
 As one of the chief Kylie and Jay-Z supporters, I just want to say that I think both artists are far too low on this list :)
Posted 01/21/2005 - 05:22:35 PM by scatter:
 To those who are complaining about the abundance of recent albums on this list, I just wanted to point out that, by my count, only seven of the 50 albums are from 2004 (and none of these are in the top ten).
Posted 01/21/2005 - 07:19:09 PM by mtwill:
 The problem with this here list is not so much the individual selections - to each her own, after all - but the fact that an album like blueberry boat, which was (ridiculously) number one on the '04 year end list is here well behind albums like funeral or madvillainy which were behind it for '04. Plenty of other examples of this little problem. Presumably the problem is different contributors for the two lists, but one would think thats why you How can anyone take this list or the opinion of this site seriously if you just randomly change opinions with no explanation? Why even bother with a list if all? Can you imagine if the New York Times endorsed Kerry and then turned around three weeks later and wrote an editorial calling Bush the superior candidate with no explanation of the reason for the intervening change? In this world where hipster opinions are a dime a dozen, there ought to be a premium on consistency and actually standing for something. I have to say, in this respect, this site (despite a very nice design) is kind of silly.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 07:56:57 PM by spacemanspiff:
 I'm sure different people contributing has something to do with that, but also the fact that people's opinions change over time. Still, it is kinda weird seeing certain albums on the list. I thought the inclusion of Mass Romantic was especially surprising in this regard, considering that the album was initially given a D+(!), and its follow-up, Electric Version, received an even lower D-. And yet Mass Romantic still managed to make the list, just barely missing the top 20 (and ahead of other pop records that received much more initial praise, e.g. WWCOHWWG and Chutes Too Narrow). Go figure.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 08:21:59 PM by brente:
 Actually, if the New York Times had a large staff that was constantly fluctuating in number, and it was a heated election year, the majority opinion of the paper might very well change from month to month. But more importantly, people need to realize that this list is not an attack on Trail of Dead fans or Wrens fans or Shins fans. It is, rather, the largest consensus of a unique group of music critics, i.e. the Stylus staff. Just about all the albums that people think are missing from this list are on at least 3 or 4 of the individual lists. It's not as though Stylus is making a statement by excluding a certain album. If they had done a top 100, these albums might have made it. There were just more albums that the particular people involved in this list felt more strongly about. That's it. Albums are just albums. Just because one ranks more highly than another in a particular poll or in an individual review does not mean that its placement is absolute. The fact that "Kid A" is #1 doesn't mean that it is incontrovertably the definitive album of the decade so far. If you look at the individual lists, you'll note that only 4 people gave "Kid A" #1. That's not exactly a mandate, now is it? But according to whatever points system the staff thought of, it scored the highest. It's that simple. No conspiracies. You are still allowed to like the Shins. And you are still allowed to hate "Kid A" if you want to.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 09:32:17 PM by Snorfle:
 spacemanspiff - Just a minor correction, The Electric Version recieved a C-. Either way, your point is valid. While it's understandable that individual album evaluations would not all be agreed upon, it seems strange a majority of the staff would feel so differently from some their posted reviews (D+ vs #20 of last 4 years?) More likely this is one of those Rolling Stone type deals where they pan an album only to come around and put it on the best of the year list because everyone else liked it.
Posted 01/21/2005 - 10:16:21 PM by spacemanspiff:
 Right, thanks for the correction. D- did seem unusually low, but I didn't bother to double check.
Posted 01/22/2005 - 12:30:27 AM by srkenney:
 Maybe it's possible to enjoy an album without really appreciating it. I know, for me anyway, that it's easy enough to recognise the value of an album, but just "not get it." Here, I am thinking of the Fiery Furnaces: I know that the album is amazing, but I'm certainly not about to put it on and listen to it for fun. Am I describing guilty pleasures? I can't tell.
Posted 01/22/2005 - 02:30:47 AM by kingsleyzissou:
 srkenney, what kind of convoluted crap are you trying to rationalize with yourself? If you don't like Fiery Furnaces, just say it; no one will take away your I-Have-Cool-Taste-in-Music membership card. Listening to an album, no matter how great some ironically-bespecled and attired white 20-something failed musician working at Stylus or Pitchfork says it is, should never be a chore. Likewise, there should be no 'guilty pleasures' (musically speaking, of course). If you like it and they don't, fuck 'em, turn up the volume, and shout out those Whitesnake/Backstreet Boys/Toby Keith lyrics. If I've misread what you said, well, oops.
Posted 01/22/2005 - 04:09:49 AM by spacemanspiff:
 That sounded kind of harsh. I thought what he meant was that while some albums may be captivating because they sound fresh and original, they might not be the type of recordings you feel like listening to all the time. For me, while I really enjoy Blueberry Boat, I find it hard to listen to regularly, just because it's so overwhelming. I mean, geez, 76 minutes is a hell of a long time to sit through for just one album. And plus, all the different sections and tempo changes can get kind of annoying after a while. So even though I consider it to be a great recording, I don't listen to it as much as I do to other albums, even those that I feel are inferior to it. That's just me, though.
Posted 01/22/2005 - 01:00:29 PM by cleverbeans:
 I too have felt that initial "I dont know if I like it but I know its brilliant" feel. I first felt that way with OK Computer until I was walking to class one day while Paranoid Android was playing, and it started snowing. Suddenly my brain just clicked and I "got it". Blueberry Boat is the only album in recent memory that I've had to struggle through, ultimately reaping great rewards. My advice would be to give it a few more spins and if that doesnt work try out their new "EP" cause that's as good or better than Blueberry Boat.
Posted 01/22/2005 - 02:21:42 PM by kingsleyzissou:
 Perhaps I was too harsh, and I agree with much of what both spacemanspiff and cleverbeans have to say: if you give an album a chance (which nearly all deserve), you may be greatly rewarded for your patience. In a disposable music culture based on instant gratification, beautiful, challenging, and/or subtle albums get pushed aside all too quickly......but don't worry if the albums that respected music critics and fans praise don't work out for you. I like Blueberry Boat, as a whole and in pieces; I still don't get Sung Tongs or Amnesiac, except for a few pieces, despite numerous spins. Now, I think I'll listen to A Rush of Blood to the Head, or 18, or A Day Without Rain, or Around the Sun and enjoy them guilt-free.
Posted 01/22/2005 - 02:52:16 PM by PeteGuy:
 Congratulations on a more thought-provoking 'list' orientated discussion. Albeit with some notable exclusions; here's my twopeneth... Mars Volta: De-Loused in the Comatorium; Explosions in the Sky: Earth Ss Not A Cold Dead Place; Oceansize: Effloresce Mogwai: Happy Songs for Happy People; My Morning Jacket: At Dawn; Adem: Homesongs; The Earlies: These Were The Earlies; Bright Eyes: Lifted...; Four Tet: Rounds; Ghost: Hypnotic World; Comets on Fire: Blue Cathedral; Spiritualized: Let It Come Down; Doves: Last Broadcast; Lambchop: Nixon.
Posted 01/23/2005 - 04:36:24 AM by DoctorGonzo:
 OK. I'd like to know how you made this list. Luomo - Vocal City placed 2nd in one list; it got in. The Wrens placed 1st, 22nd, 44th and 45th in four different lists, yet it didn't place. What's going on? (Incidently I also noticed Present Lover placed 2nd, 3rd and 38th in different lists, but Vocal City was chosen over it)
Posted 01/23/2005 - 01:52:52 PM by cleverbeans:
 Doctorgonzo has a good point. perhaps Stylus should add in older lists and give them extra weight. That way they could take into account how they felt closer to the release date of the albums in question.
Posted 01/23/2005 - 04:49:51 PM by clockoouut:
 Too bad Destroyer - Streethawk didn't make the list.
Posted 04/18/2005 - 02:15:04 AM by roachbeard:
 wow..this website has super gay taste. you can treat the review like your film prof is going to read it but you can't nerd your way into having a fucking clue. Does anyone know about any kind of underground anymore? This indie ghetto is fucking TERRIBLE.