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By: US Stylus Staff

Posted 12/17/2004 - 09:19:28 AM by Liarbythefire:
 Actually, Jet's "Look What You Done" sounds like "Home Sweet Home" at first until it turns into a Beatles song.
Posted 12/17/2004 - 10:39:31 AM by anthonymiccio:
 I'm baffled that a track that inspires the phrase Better use of “na na na na”: Master P’s “Make ‘Em Say Ugh” got a rating higher than -3. Haven't actually heard it yet. Is Nelly popping out singles bi-weekly now?
Posted 12/17/2004 - 12:13:57 PM by beercan:
 Why does seemingly everyone on Stylus hate Muse so much? First you write a review of their album "Absolution" that's so unnecessarily messy and hateful it sounds like it was written by a guy with his dick slammed in a door, and now you blast "Hysteria". True, "Hysteria" is not a brilliant song, and it poorly represents the album it comes from. And yeah, one Coldplay is probably enough. But, see, it's all about the context. Have you listened to an "alternative" radio station these days, young citizens? With their mid-tempo grinding and "Awwww yeeeeea-ahhh" Layne Staley posturing? I mean, shit, I'd rather hear crickets all night than that. And yet, if you listen long enough, "Hysteria" will start piping in, you'll begin to realize the only good purpose these stations serve - as conduits for turning songs like "Hysteria" into near-masterpiece by benefit of merely being stacked against their "competition". So please, next time you review a Muse product, try doing so with some Three Days Grace or Staind droning away in the background like a sad train whistle. In other news, I fucking HATE Jet.
Posted 12/17/2004 - 01:09:20 PM by childstarc:
 People still using the 'but they sound so much like X' excuse to not properly review muse/jet/etc. need to get over themselves. That being said, i can't stand that particular jet song, and the muse track is only average.
Posted 12/17/2004 - 01:53:50 PM by IanMathers:
 I can listen to Staind for half an hour first, or promise not to mention other bands, but I'm still going to not like Muse.
Posted 12/17/2004 - 02:31:27 PM by beercan:
 Hey, that's cool, Ian. You're a good reviewer, honestly. You can also be pretty funny. I do have a question, though. Since you've now officially endorsed in print something by Jet (what BALLS!) does that mean Stylus was bought by Rolling Stone? Just curious.
Posted 12/17/2004 - 03:39:27 PM by IanMathers:
 Nah. Although if pretty much anyone wants to give me money, I'm cool with that. I'm as surprised I like that Jet song as you are, though. I really doubt it's going to lead to me praising their next album, though, unless it's a hell of a lot better than their first. But if by some miracle it is, why hate?
Posted 12/19/2004 - 08:34:41 PM by edwardo:
 Not everyone on Stylus hates Muse. I like them. As in, I own their records. I wouldn't want to review them, because bad reviews of their albums are generally better-written and funnier than positive ones. Nobody is ever going to be convinced to like or hate Muse based on a review, you know what you're getting before you go to the store, so good writing trumps integrity. Just for once.
Posted 12/25/2004 - 04:31:41 AM by Damn-Iron:
 "Look what you've done" is a dreadful ripoff of "Sexy Sadie". Whatever is before it on the album is a crap swipe at "Get Ready, 'Cause Here I Come", bassline, lyric and all. "Rollover DJ" is shite about how samplers don't make real music, only Aussie cunts stealing every note on their album do. I hear Jet's album isn't as bad as the first four songs indicate. I can hardly get excited enough to toil through the rest. Geez, people batch about the Vines, and even their near worst is better than "Are You Gonna Be My Girl". And this twat doesn't even have a chemical imbalance, as far as we know. In addition, the frickin' greased hair/pre distressed denim jackets nail them as being the anti-Franz. Is there a happy medium?