J-Pop Will Eat Itself
L'Arc en Ciel

By: Francis Henville

Posted 12/10/2004 - 02:26:18 PM by badhaircut:
 I haven't heard this song, but "Ready Steady Go," "Lover Boy," and "Coming Closer" are all fantastic. This band is wierd in how they seem to be coming at rock from a dozen directions that are so obviously un-cool (at least from a Western/indie perspective), yet end up with something that's unpretentious but not stoopid, sincere but not in a self-aware way, huge-sounding but still intimate and calculated.
Posted 12/23/2004 - 11:51:50 PM by driftingwind:
 Actually, Milky way is not a single. Its punk-version, with the original bassist as vocal, is included as a B-side of their latest single "Jiyuu he no Shoutai" though.
Posted 01/09/2005 - 04:20:12 PM by Tachikoma:
 driftingwind, thanks for the heads up. it's hard to know exactly how j-music is released when you dont live in japan.... it's the confusion of downloading. ......................Frank