Playing God
Pulp: This is Hardcore

By: Edward Oculicz

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Posted 11/23/2004 - 09:24:23 AM by hutlock:
 I applaud this. Nice job. I might even have gone for the slightly more off-the-beaten-path Kid Loco remix of "A Little Soul" myself...
Posted 11/23/2004 - 11:34:06 AM by Sotoalf:
 The only thing which pissed me off about this review is...that I didn't think of it myself. If there's one decent album released in the last six years in dire need of rehabilitation, it's "This is Hardcore." The problem was always in the original album's muddled sequencing: a problem I also found with "We Love Life." Could it be that "Different Classes" is the only time Pulp got it right?
Posted 11/23/2004 - 03:09:18 PM by IanMathers:
 I'm intrigued by this version, and love the article, but I have no problems with the original (NB. I have the North American issue, which tacks on "Like A Friend" at the end). It's a great big sprawling mess, yes, but I love every single song and I've always thought the sequencing worked. Still, I'd love to hear this version...
Posted 11/24/2004 - 04:56:12 AM by edwardo:
 I generally don't care about sequencing, I am often hideously guilty of playing new albums on random, but Pulp have always sequenced their albums particularly weirdly. "We Love Life" suffers a teensy bit by the fact that it follows a rousing opener (Weeds) with lots of slow ones so the album doesn't really pick up pace properly until "Wickerman", after which you get that album's weakest song "I Love Life" which, if you're not in the right mood, could potentially kill the momentum again. "His N Hers" is generally well-sequenced, the problem with that album is the embarassment of riches available on the B-sides ("You're A Nightmare", "His 'n' Hers", "Your Sister's Clothes", "Seconds" - all absolutely stunning, yes, perhaps it is a better candidate for Playing God than TIH, though the latter being so close to perfection is why I picked that one) and two album tracks being of a substantially lower standard than the other nine ("Someone Like The Moon" and "Joyriders", and maybe even "Happy Endings"). "Separations" is dead weird, though, starting with one disco song, then four quite unusual slower songs, then three really long disco songs followed by an even longer acid-dance spoken word track - no continuity at all, but that doesn't stop it being my favourite album of all time. "Different Class" is, perhaps, if you cling rigidly to ideas of what an album is supposed to flow like - grand statement of intent at the front, exciting epics, really high peaks, strong album tracks, heaps of variety, pretty much without fault, but I love all the albums, bizarre sequencing and occasionally suspect track selection aside.
Posted 11/24/2004 - 05:16:58 PM by mvdu76:
 OK, to be fair, I thought I'd post where I agree here. It's the BEST Pulp album IMO.