J-Pop Will Eat Itself
Greatest Misses

By: Francis Henville

Posted 11/18/2004 - 09:01:41 AM by Nathan:
 You've pegged Tommy for #1 worst song? Come on now!! Whilst she doesn't always hit the nail right on the head with her TF6 side project (for instance, 'LOVELY yumemiro lovely boy'), she's quite good at paying homage to the cheese that was 80s candy pop, and making it a guilty pleasure. Personally I love when that little rant pops up in the middle of 'Choose Me or Die'. Cheese Pizza is probably one of my least favourite JAM singles, but it does save itself about midway through with Yuki's little doobee doobee vocal acrobatics. Definately don't write off JAM based on that track. Listen to 'Warp' and 'Pop Life', and you'll see why they were one of the most important japanese bands of the last decade.
Posted 11/22/2004 - 10:16:03 PM by badhaircut:
 Your use of the past tense in the second sentence of this article makes me fear that you're finished with this. Please tell us that they'll be more J-pop reviews to look forward to in the future. Right?
Posted 11/23/2004 - 11:54:34 AM by Tachikoma:
 to badhaircut, Yup, definitely more J-pop is coming so continue to watch this space. Thanks. to Nathan, It's not that Tommy February6 is the worst singer I've come across. There are songs of hers that I like too. These songs just annoyed me for various reasons and this one most of all - maybe because I've heard her do better. As for Judy and Mary - never heard a song of theirs I liked.... sorry...
Posted 11/24/2004 - 02:38:37 AM by Nathan:
 Fair enough. I agree that Tommy has done much better than 'Choose Me or Die'. 'Love Is Forever' and 'Je'taime Je'taime' are definitely much better tracks on Tommy Airline. As for JAM, I guess having Yuki as a singer makes them either a "love 'em or hate 'em" kind of band (although her singing is much more balanced now that she's gone solo - definately not going for the high pitch 100% of the time). I found their songwriting got much stronger towards the later albums (when Takuya started writing more of them), and when Takuya started expanding his guitar style (especially when he got into spanish guitar playing). His guitar insanity was the direct counterpoint to Yuki's innocent cuteness. (a track like "motto" really shows that yin-yang thing to good effect). Obviously this was well after Cheese Pizza. But hey, just wack a Mini Moni track at #1 next time and we'll call it even ;)