Around the World in 80kbps
#008: Impeccable Crunch and Bite

By: Edward Oculicz

Posted 11/17/2004 - 07:46:05 AM by zcesl53:
 Any chance of getting mp3's of some of these tracks on the site, maybe on Stypod? I haven't tried to get these yet, but I know from previous volumes of Around the World that they are often hard to track down.
Posted 11/17/2004 - 08:17:26 AM by NickSouthall:
 That's cos Ed makes them up. (Kidding!)
Posted 11/17/2004 - 06:13:38 PM by DomPassantino:
 Molotov's "Parasito" is the best nu-metal single of all time.
Posted 11/18/2004 - 02:30:26 PM by edwardo:
 Yes, I will post a selection of some of my favourite songs from this series on the Stypod at some point - watch this space. Usually I pick one or two of them and post them on my blog - I have posted Molotov this time - it'll be up for a week.