Sixpence None The Richer: Kiss Me

By: Dom Passantino

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Posted 11/03/2004 - 07:06:40 AM by bulb64:
 Nice piece; back in the day I had no idea Sixpence was a Christian band despite the possibly giveaway name. Re: barley songs. Let us not forget Traffic's immortal "John Barleycorn Must Die"
Posted 11/03/2004 - 07:52:47 AM by Liarbythefire:
 Don't forget "Breathe Your Name," which is actually a lot better than "Kiss Me."
Posted 11/03/2004 - 06:49:18 PM by MyNameIsKenny:
 This song is incredibly lesbian.
Posted 11/03/2004 - 08:30:14 PM by IanMathers:
 You say that like it's a bad thing.
Posted 11/04/2004 - 02:17:51 AM by MyNameIsKenny:
 It was just an observation. This song is quite great.
Posted 11/07/2004 - 09:49:41 PM by woodface:
 I've always heard the lyric as "Kiss me, out of the bearded barley, nightly" which I don't think is timid at all. And I have to defend Don't Dream It's Over (see: my username) - it is a brilliant pop song, though the Sixpence None the Richer version is rather dull and lifeless.
Posted 02/06/2005 - 04:40:38 AM by unsaunsa:
 Signed up just for this. You guys are exactly right it is magnificent. Everytime I hear this song I want to cry at it's perfection. I wish I wrote it.