Movie Review
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

By: Dave Micevic

Posted 10/09/2004 - 05:08:13 PM by christianbuia:
 I definitely need to see this one a second time. Nevertheless, I think giving this film two points out of ten may be a little harsh. Some of the images and animations are stunningly beautiful, and though I agree that the movie is cyber-"pop-philosophy", I was fairly satisfied by the science fiction elements of 2030 technology....yes, even the slightly silly visual hacking countermeasures analysis the ship engineers/robots used during Bateau's assault. I do however have to echo your observation of how the constant quoting was extremely tedious. Really, though, there is beautiful artwork in this effort.
Posted 10/10/2004 - 04:54:14 PM by dmicevic:
 I absolutely agree with you that the animation was superb. If only the film were silent.
Posted 10/16/2004 - 04:00:29 PM by gloden:
 This is one of those intensely meditative films where the actual narrative is progressively de-emphasized throughout the course of the film and replaced with a hallucinagenic existential weirdness. I just saw "Videodrome" again last week and it reminded me of GITS2... how it gradually shifts from a third person to first person perspective and intentionally tries to confuse the audience. The philosophy in GITS2, I feel, is hilariously bombastic by intent and works to the film's advantage. By not allowing the audience to concentrate on the narrative, the film demonstrates the illusion of chronological reality. It's a great film and superb follow-up.