Bark Psychosis: The Stylus Interview Series, “Did You Ever Hear The One…?”

By: Nick Southall

Posted 07/26/2004 - 08:35:19 PM by Nick_S:
 Nick... Great article. I find Graham's insights into music making very fascinating. I liked the way he denounces the pace at which things are released traditionally. As well, I liked the way you picked up on his concepts about building musical "living spaces" rather than the traditional model of expressing one's self. As a musician who not only is currently taking forever to put together a demo he finds acceptable, but is occasionally having difficulty reconciling self-expression with architecture, I found this piece refreshing and engaging. I am also a huge fan of previous Bark Psychosis music and am looking forward to hearing the official version of ///:Codename Dustsucker (instead of the one popularly circulated on Soulseek) Thank you!