Dead Letter Office
The Remix

By: Todd Hutlock

Posted 07/16/2004 - 02:25:09 PM by danselzer:
 Not all that much older then me? I hate to say it, but weren't you a SENIOR when I was a freshman? sorry... but of course I remember the co-op having a copy of the french Metal Urbain CD, L'age D'or or whatever, it was at the co-op on one of those afternoon where I'd sit down at the listening station and while you and Dave would enforce the strict 3 CD only limit for everyone else, you'd pile CD after CD in front of me. This Heat...Thomas Leer and many more. In fact, Dave priced the CD at a prohibitive 18 dollars(french import and all) so I "borrowed" it from the store many many times to play on my radio show(the days before CD burning...) before I finally bought it. I late made friends with an employee at Mondo Kims here in NY by lending him a copy so he could make dupes and sell them as boots. I thought, hey, somebody should put this out again, and the rest is, as they say (recent) history. There was one other CD I'd regularly borrow from the co-op but never got around to buying, the Roir NY Singles Scene CD that turned me onto the Theoretical Girls. So don't let it be said Acute Records does not acknowledge it's debt to Dave Todarello and the Co-Op Record store. I would also like to credit you with the day you told me Sarge's was going out of business and selling all their 12"s for a dollar or 2 for a dollar or something, and pointing out where to find copies of Man Parrish's Hip Hop Be Bop Don't Stop/Heatstroke and Keith LeBlanc's Malcolm X-No Sell Out, starting another serious obsession, with classic electro-funk. The Detroit Techno tape I made from your copies of Relics and Techno: The Electronic Dance has made the rounds and is almost worn out. I played it for the Rapture on a trip from providence or DC and Luke Jenner requested a copy, so if you hear any Derrick May or Mr. Fingers influence in their music, it's not just care of the DFA. And I finally got Transmat Relics, in a new vinyl pressing. It sounds like crap and is almost totally useless, but it does bring back the memories.
Posted 07/16/2004 - 03:03:13 PM by hutlock:
 Do you all see why I love Dan now? Hope you're doing well, chief... and are you sure I was a senior when you got there? Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure you are right... damn it. I feel extra old now. Also, it's a shame you weren't there when the Co-op itself went out of business, because my entire "hold pile" (and I'm sure you remember what a monument that was) ended up coming home with me in lieu of the severance package that none of us ever got. I even got a copy of the first Golden CD (Alex Minoff, et al) that I am proud to say has remained in shrinkwrap to this very day. Do you need me to make you a new tape of Detroit Classics? I've been meaning to make one for Todd Burns for ages now, so if you want a new one, just send me the old track listing and I'll get one to you ASAP, and a second copy for Burns. Deal?
Posted 07/16/2004 - 03:19:51 PM by naiveteenidol:
 Ok, so no one here's going to credit me with anything—not that I'm bitter—but I thought I would add that Dan turned ME onto to "No Sell Out" with his "Old Skool Electro" tape comp, which I still have kicking around somewhere and which I guess kind of completes the circle for me. Or at least puts me in a Six Degrees scenario. Or makes me the Frank Stallone or Clint Howard of this story. I dunno — maybe I just wanted a group hug.
Posted 07/16/2004 - 03:26:17 PM by hutlock:
 Actually, I think that makes you the Alex Minoff of the story (and I only say that knowing how much you love Alex Minoff...)
Posted 07/17/2004 - 01:37:07 AM by IanMathers:
 Ah, it's good to have this column back. And I second the praise for Acute Records, even if the only reissue by them I've found the cash to actually _buy_ was Branca's "The Ascension" Their upcoming releases can be relied upon to make me drool with collector scum hunger.
Posted 07/19/2004 - 01:51:37 PM by EdHoward:
 i <3 this column. and acute is a great label, i love the ascension and all the metal urbain-related stuff.