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Predictions: Week Three

hockingly, the pompous American remains in the lead. In a complete non-shock, however, the Americans continue to languish behind the Brits in the overall standings. This week we again have two competitors taking a bye: Scott Plagenhoef and Dom Passantino. Here are the results and the picks for next week:


Todd Burns – 65 (Byes: 4)
Dom Passantino – 58 (4)
Scott Plagenhoef – 35 (4)
William Swygart– 30 (4)
Simon Hampson – 18 (3)
Scott McKeating – 14 (4)
John Brandt – 0 (4)
Gavin Mueller – 0 (3)


United Kingdom – 30
United States – 25

United Kingdom
William Swygart

1. SAM & MARK – With A Little Help From My Friends

Because, for no apparent reason, I think they’ll get a second week. Quite probably because there isn’t any actual reason why they should get a second week. The song’s cock anyway.

2. BUSTED – Who’s David (NEW ENTRY)

Apparently written by McFly, the even younger version of Busted that’s getting foisted on the British public in a month or two. Their least offensive and probably weakest single thus far. I am aware that I have never actually liked Busted, but still… this ain’t that much cop, no.

3. LMC vs. U2 – Take Me To The Clouds Above

Is probably going to be knocking about for ages. Tomcraft were so much better than this.


Cos he’s a tosser.

5. KEANE – Somewhere Only We Know (NEW ENTRY)

Your new British sensitive guitar types – BUT! SWERVE! THEY DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE GUITARS! No, Keane have a pianist, a drummer, and a singer. This isn’t the last time that’s going to be mentioned. What they have got in common with Coldplay apart from this is a bloody awful name and an aversion for the sensitive ballad. They will be huge and this song is… well, ‘Run’ rules it with an iron fist, for starters. The man reckons he can sing, and he does his whole range thing, and his voice is more palatable than Chris Martin’s or James Walsh’s, definitely, but it’s all so very… done, innit? Oh well.

6. KELIS – Milkshake

Like this is going anywhere with any great alacrity.

7. OUTKAST – Hey Ya!



They’re like Faithless but without the charisma! Whoop!

9. RAGHAV – Can’t Get Enough (NEW ENTRY)

This, though, is very nice. Nu-Smoovie Raghav goes a bit Usher, but somehow much better than Usher, maybe because Usher seems like a bit of a twat. The beat’s a bit reminiscent of dear old ‘Addictive’ by Truth Hurts, the slow clonking drums (tabla?) in the back, and he’s loving his woman’s body, but – oh no! – he keeps messing up his words! What’s a boy to do, etc. Classy as heck, obviously.


Right, this entry is entitled SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO SWYGART. Belle & Sebastian’s midweek chart position - #12. This most likely means they’ll be lower reaches of the top 20.

BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. It’s only a few hundred sales off of Deepest Blue, who were #8 in the midweeks. With a little bit of luck, Belle & Sebastian could go top 10. Their last support band have done it. Their former labelmates have done it. And if B&S; did it too… well, the possible downside is I may hug everyone I see then break down in tears about how fucking beautiful it is. Which is no downside at all, really.

(Yes, it sounds like Thin Lizzy. Fuck you.)

Also – the Avalanches remix – how fucking sweet?

Simon Hampson

1. Sam and Mark 'With a Little help From My Friends'
2. Alex Parks 'Cry'
3. Ronan Keating 'She Believes in Me'
4. Summer Matthews 'Little Miss Perfect'
5. LMC vs U2 'Take me to the Clouds Above'
6. Keane 'Somewhere Only'
7. Stereophonics 'Movie Star'
8. Boogie Pimps 'Somebody to Love'
9. Clea 'Stuck in the Middle'
10. Raghav 'Can't get Enough'

Scott McKeating

1. Busted - Who's David
2. Sam & Mark: Pop Idol - With A Little Help From My Friends
3. Ronan Keating - She Believes (In Me)
4. Alex Parks - Cry
5. Fatman Scoop: Crooklyn Clan - It Takes Scoop
6. Kelis - Milkshake
7. Lmc Vs U2 - Take Me To The Clouds Above
8. Ud Project - Saturday Night
9. Outkast - Hey Ya
10. Michelle - All This Time

United States
John Brandt

1. Busted - Who's David?
2. Stereophonics - Moviestar
3. Ronan Keating - She Believes in Me
4. Sam and Mark - With a Little Help from my Friends
5. Alex Parks - Cry
6. Fatman Scoop - It Takes Scoop
7. Raghav - Can't Get Enough
8. Summer Matthews - Little Miss Perfect
9. LMC vs U2 - Take Me to the Clouds Above
10. Kelis – Milkshake

Todd Burns

1. Sam and Mark – With A Little Help From My Friends
2. Busted – Who’s David?
3. LMC vs. U2 – Take Me To the Clouds Above
4. Ronan Keating – She Believes in Me
5. Kelis – Milkshake
6. Keane – Somewhere Only We Know
7. Outkast – Hey Ya!
8. Deepest Blue – Give It Away
9. Stereophonics – Moviestar
10. Raghav – Can’t Get Enough

Gavin Mueller

1. Busted - Who's David
2. Sam & Mark - With A Little Help From My Friends
3. Deepest Blue - Give It Away
4.Lmc vs. U2 - Take Me To The Clouds Above
5. Outkast - Hey Ya
6. Ronan Keating - She Believes (In Me)
7. Fatman Scoop – It Takes Scoop
8. Kelis - Milkshake
9. Stereophonics - Moviestar
10. Michelle McManus - All This Time

By: Stylus Staff

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Posted 02/20/2004 - 01:00:01 AM by IanMathers:
 I'm with Swygart - 'I'm A Cuckoo' is a fucking awesome song.
Posted 02/20/2004 - 01:17:22 AM by jimhart3000:
 My theory on "I'm A Cuckoo" is that it's the same song as "I'm Waking Up to Us," but with the anger replaced by wistfulness and resignation. Either way it's a brilliant track.
Posted 02/20/2004 - 02:33:48 PM by GavinM:
 I was *this* close to reversing Busted and Sam & Mark on my list. Crap.
Posted 02/24/2004 - 07:42:37 PM by GavinM:
 But I'm glad I didn't! GOOOOOOAL!
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