May 1, 2007

Unit Black Flight - Where Is Carlos


Those familiar with the oeuvre of Legowelt and his Clone cronies will immediately recognize this five-tracker as yet another reliable slab of beatbox-n-analog zombie brain-eater soundtrack techno-blues. This time our cover star is apparently an Indianapolis-based producer, but I wouldn’t discount the possibility that it’s just Legowelt, under another one of his Scheherazade-like veils, especially considering that the two remixes here are by him and Franz Falckenhaus (also him). The three original compositions all lurk rather evilly in that dark wood where John Carpenter barely dares to intrude, but the strongest is probably the last cut, “The Art of Survival,” which shakes off a few moldy old leaves to let a little light into the undergrowth. It would be perfect for the will-they-make-it wind-up to an Argento finale.

The Legowelt remix of “No Turning Back” gets murkily cosmic, losing a bit of the punch of the original but adding a bit more texture. Likewise his remix (as Franz Falckenhouse) of “Masking,” which might be the best moment on the record, is a kind of downtempo version of Black Devil that’s complex enough to rise above the horror-soundtrack genre tag. A decent enough release all around, but one showing more promise than tangible results.

Strange Life / SLR 010
[Mallory ODonnell]


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