May 16, 2007

Solomun & Stimming - Feuer & Eis


Do you remember Chicago? No, not the city, I mean the Shuffle Inc tracks, with the wonderful Swag remixes. Surfacing in 2001 and doing the rounds with a lot of tech/house DJs for the next few years (including the second Tyrant compilation), the track had that wonderful pump, knock, and grind that Swag put into all their percussion. I mention the track (and Swag with it) only because hearing Feuer & Eis took me right back to the early 2000s, when minimal was still slippery and young, hitched by hyphens to house and techno, and didn’t seemed quite as fixed as it is now.

There’s that and, on the main track, something like a very synthetic version of Âme’s “Rej” – yes, strings, things, and anthem-potential. But there’s less pomposity to these fiddled arrangements (tapped out on midi-keyboards though they may be): more funk, and more swing. Guido Schneider seems like the perfect man for remix duties, given the click and tech-inflected house directions in play, but this track lacks the man’s usual polish and unmatched attention to detail and steals barely a bar of thunder from “Feuervogel”. But to me it’s the B that’s the heart-thief. Harking back to the early 2000s yet again, I’m reminded of moments on the defunct Classic records label, especially Brett Johnson’s “Here and Now” (whose stucco homes likewise appears on the aforementioned Tyrant comp). “Eiszauber” is a track with the lot – it’s gentle, playful, neatly structured, anthemic, whistleable – it’s got the loose swing of house and the dry clonk of continental tech-house records. You can never guarantee whether these kinds of tracks will blow up (I’m in two minds), but all the ingredients are here. Hit? Maybe. But definitely don’t miss.

Diynamic / DIYNAMIC006
[Peter Chambers]


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