April 24, 2006

Oxia - Speicher 34

I may very well be the only electronic music fan or DJ in the world that doesn’t think the Kompakt label wakes up every morning, fixes some coffee, and then shits solid gold, but so be it. Not to say this latest release from Michael Mayer’s uber-hip imprint is bad, and certainly not to imply that they haven’t put out their share of straight-up bombs, but I’ve heard this tired shuffle-house groove way too much and I’ll doubtless repeat that experience countless times before I’ve gone the way of trip-hop and Goldie. If I was dancing and either one of these personality-less tracks came on, it’d be a perfect time to go pee or get a beer. If I was sitting in my living room I’d just tap on that handy right arrow key. Oh, look, some disco claps come in near the three-and-a-half minute mark. Yawn. It’s called quality control, folks. Look it up.

Kompakt Extra / 034
[Mallory ODonnell]


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