May 10, 2007

Move D - Ac1D

Being both a sucker for Modern Love’s polished, neo-classical “adult contemporary” listening techno AND Move D’s deep, lovely jazz influenced, IDM-inflected deep/minimal/tech/house vibrations, I was doubly determined to give “Ac1d” as unsympathetic a listening as possible. If we are to spurt praise, let us at least align and aim the gush cannon, as it were. Yet spurt I must, or squirt at least—once again David Moufang has dug deep and offered up two subtle, satisfying pieces of dubbed-out tech-house.

“Ac1d,” the A, moves through a repeating, decaying “padded acid” groove, whilst rich, textural elements (bleeps, vocal snatches, snipped squelch effects) are flung by. We’re close by the Luomo of Vocalcity here, where straight beats belie hidden depths that surge out at large volumes, or intimate strange feelings if left in the background. “Sheffield Dance” is a little more retro and less effective, beginning from a waddling bassline and building toward an emotional release that curves too slowly and releases too little—but works well as an ebbing, fading track, slowly dying away like five AM.

Modern Love / Modern Love 028
[Peter Chambers]


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