January 27, 2006

Lindstrom vs. Riton - Monsteer / Young Girl

The French Battle label used to take the novel approach of having two artists produce a track and then remix one another. Although they’ve seemed to put this format on hold, there is no cause for tears as Lindstrom’s “Monsteer” is very much the sequel to “I Feel Space,” merging mid-tempo Italo-house with his love for trippy Kosmische synths. Although it isn’t as urgent as its predecessor, it would definitely add some levitation to an average electro-house set. On the flipside, Riton falls into his default mode of dirty electro with “Young Girl,” albeit with highly pitched down “stalker” vocals. It’s very similar to remixes that Justice and the Ed Banger label are releasing at the moment, although it lacks most of the momentum.

Battle / 008
[Michael F. Gill]


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