September 1, 2006

Windsurf - Windsurf EP


Windsurf is two shorts-wearing Californian beardos doing what Californian beardos do. And thatís chopping a razored-out line that connects Fleetwood Mac at their most emotionally numb to krautrock just as it became consciously beautiful (and thus uncool). Windsurf make yacht rock walk the plank and take Metro Area out of the city and onto the on the beach Ďtil you can taste the salt in their greasy hair as you kiss them. Therefore, The Windsurf EP is a blissed out easy-glistening glide-by thatís unashamed to sprawl with a washed out Jan Hammer t-shirt riding up over a tanned, but slack belly. It may help you through hard timesóit has for me. Iíd call it nu-balaeric if I didnít really hate people who like that crap.

Sentrall / SENDIGI001
[Patrick McNally]