March 15, 2007

Will Saul & Tam Cooper - Sequential Circus


“Sequential Circus” glides along in what is usually a no-fly zone between first-class loungey downtempo and coach-dwelling deep house. But don’t run away just yet—it’s an innocuous, and guilt-free brand of deep house, all of lovely and none of silly. The very synthetic feel of the whirring gizmos that dance about you amongst the swooshes and suspended minor notes is enough to keep this from being cocktail bar candy. It’s exactly what you want to hear while you relax with a spliff and a cuddle after a sweaty night out. The Konrad Black remix proves that tech can chill too, which is all well and good, but it plods on a wee bit much and loses almost all of the prettiness that charmed us in the original.

Simple Records / simple 0722
[Mallory O’Donnell]