May 26, 2005

Sistema - Colores En Cápsulas EP

After only appearing on the label for a remix of an early Vicknoise track, Sistema (aka Manel Ruiz Lens) emerges for his first proper release for Factor City. The four tracks contained within hew closely to the label’s trance-italo-house aesthetic. While none of the offerings here tend to knock you down, there is a level of quality present that’s very comforting for fans interested to see new face’s on the label. “Costa Azul” works moody synth pads against one another, crafting an extremely melodic and low-key rejoined to its ebullient partner on the A-side, “Magenta.” On the flip, “Blanco” turns to electro for its main inspiration, featuring a dizzying array of melodic patterns—the aural equivalent of a strobe light going on for much of its length, while the EP closer, “Black Session ‘94” revels in sonar pings and empty spaces.

Factor City / FC 011
[Todd Burns]

April 28, 2005

Undo and Vicknoise - Sonambula

Regulars here know how this one is going to turn out, so we’ll just say it straight out: awesome. Aside from Nathan Fake and Alex Smoke, this duo has to be the brightest young stars on the house scene. Unlike those youngins, though, U+V have always had a bit more of the electro-trance in them and it comes out in full force on “Sonambula,” which by track’s end will have both wrecked you and been nice enough to put you to bed. Turn it over, though, and get even further towards dreamland with “Orca.” Yes, there are whale sounds.

Factor City / FC 010
[Todd Burns]

April 21, 2005

Undo and Vicknoise - Ten

The main Factor City continue their exploration of the meeting point between genres: this time it’s the pointed and bulbous synth pads that typify trance mixing with the drag-lock-step of shuffle-tech. It’s a song that doesn’t sound that far off from previous outing’s “Sparow,” but it’s far more luminous, yielding a strong crescendo in the track’s latter half. The Iñaki Marin mix that follows it up on the B-side goes more towards the Get Physical side of things and might just be as good as it predecessor, if not better.

Factor City / FC 008
[Todd Burns]