July 5, 2007

Tolga Fidan - Venice / Tambulistan

Perhaps in this age of microgenre and marketing category, all one needs to do is to corner a market, and carve out a niche. Everybody decries pigeonholing, but (tacitly) we all know it’s the road (or crevice) to success. It doesn’t really matter which one. A film-making friend of mine may be right there’s absolutely no point compromising your creative vision these days, if you’ve got effective distribution. Hell, I’ve been to 12k gigs in Tokyo crammed to the gills with microsound geeks, all of them ready to record the show with their mini-disc players. Now that’s a freakshow.

Vakant have their slot sorted too ominous, dry, digital sounding minimal/techno. The names of the producers even sound to my Anglo-Saxon ears like those of vampires: Mathias Kaden, Onur zer, Tolga Fidan. Fidan’s Venice/Tambulistan follows hot on the shiny black heels of zer’s Red Cabaret EP, which everyone else seemed to like but me. First listens (while washing dishes) made me think, “hey, they’ve sent me zers EP again by mistake”. But no, it’s different, just the same.

Just like Red Cabaret, the A-side is full of noises that seem to have come from flipping through VST patches. Once something sufficiently menacing is found (black horns, icy strings, something scaly and slithering), a two-note minor interval or an arabesque/creepy/ancient-sounding melody is mixed in, and there’s your track. Pardon my cynicism, but I hope the artlessness of this is remedied by the dancefloor impact. Anyway, there’s lots of cool, spooky ideas here that are thrown into the cauldron for good effect, and I think it’d sound great mixed into something incongruously “happy and gay”. The B-side, “Venice” is rhythmically more interesting, vibrating with little ideas and intrusive hits and hisses. I guess you can’t fault the novelty, really with only one or two other labels making horror house minimal (Underl_ne and Perlon [in its dark moments]) this record has a very distinctive sound/feel that, like all monsters, is equally repulsive and attractive.

Vakant / SD05
[Peter Chambers]

March 30, 2007

Beatzcast #25: Nativespeaker (Peter Chambers)


Nativespeaker - dysappearance

01: Louderbach - For Lack of a Better Solution [buy]
02: DJ Koze - Madame Zifandl [buy]
03: Sleeparchive - Image Photometer [buy]
04: Studio 1 - Gold [buy]
05: Auch - Tomorrow Goodbye (Villalobos mix) [buy]
06: NSI - Clara Ghavami (extended) [buy]
07: Efdemin - Post Script Blues [buy]
08: Moodymann - Dem Young Sconies [buy]
09: Plastikman - Hypokondriak [buy]
10: Pansonic - Pyokki Halko [buy]
11: Claro Intelecto - New Dawn [buy]
12: Nike.Bordom - Unfinished Symphony [buy]
13: Bjrk - Headphones ( mix) [buy]

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February 23, 2007

Charts: February 23 2007

Mallory ODonnell
Dorfmeister Vs. MDLA - Boogie No More (Reverson 68 Remix) [G-Stone]
Teena Marie - Fix It (Instrumental) [Epic]
Escort - “Bright New Life” (Morgan Geist Remix) [Escort]
Blackbelt Anderson - Alfaz De Pi [Full Pupp]
Jackson Jones - I Feel Good (Pilooski Edit) [Dirty Edits]
Justin Timberlake - My Love (Linus Loves Remix) [Virgin]
Pet Shop Boys - Was It Worth It? (12″ Version) [EMI]
Tomboy - Seris [Gomma]
Gui Boratto - Chromophobia [Kompakt]
Donna Summer - Love to Love You Baby [Casablanca]

Michael F. Gill
Slg Anymore [Level Records]
The Model Stargate Interlude [Underl_ne]
Kris Menace feat. Fred Falke Fairlight [Compuphonic]
Photocall Silver Clouds (Dexter Remix) [Clone]
Flakes Sugar Frosted Lover [Calibre]
Proton Plus Pay Up [Yew Wood]
Kay-Gees Latican Funk [De-Lite Records]
Airto - Celebration Suite [Warner Bros/WEA Discos Ltda]
James Jack Rabbit Martin - Rabbit Trax I [Yoton]
Keith Tucker Electro Lights [Twilight 76]

September 1, 2006

Louderbach - Enemy Love Remix EP 1

Cameron Octigan: With a burning red trident in hand, Troy Pierce has birthed a monster. In one fell swoop, he both exemplifies and brings into question the relationship between techno’s more minimal aesthetic and the presentation of those sounds. Well, at least the remixes are interesting. Vivianne Project picks “Grace” and ditches Miami Bass for tech, which works better with the original vocals anyway. “Vital” is turned into a dull tech-electro by Donnacha Costello, while Marc Houles Rosaire Argyle moniker makes Dior Compound slightly more abrasive, but does little else. Osvaldo’s remix of “Vacuum Packed” is probably the most interesting thing here: organic sounds like blood sucking and indiscernible vocal samples are garnish to the two-steps-from-dub backing. And Konrad? Pierce is the new Black.

Peter Chambers: Louderbach is more than just Troy Pierce with black lipstick. As with a lot of the recent M_nus output, you get the impression that youre hearing the beginning of an exploration, not its ends and after-effects. M_nus spine is the basslineforegoing technos obsession with frantic, abrasive, stabbing atmospheres in the 90s, all four of the remixes here build on neo-technos tendency to meander through percussive tropes which kick and click around the ever-present groove. Rosaire Argyles remix of Dior Compound takes spooky chimes (as much a theme of this years techno as the cowbell was to disco-not-disco a while back) and hangs them like a mobile above a bed of menace, removing the original versions Green Velvet-y push. Vivianne Projects remix of Grace (Anxiety) puts the vocal in the back seat and adds lots of percussive trapdoors and alleyways, but cant top the impact of the album version. Osvaldo takes Vacuum Packed, the most Shk-ish track on the LP, and slaps it into a micro-goth funkup. Donnacha Costellos remix of Vital is the only real let-down hereits two minutes too long and the bassline is left in the mix in a way that makes me run squealing for the skip button.

Underl_ne / UND/009

August 11, 2006

Charts: August 11 2006

Cameron Octigan
Ada - Living It Up [Areal]
Luca Bacchetti Out of Breath [Tenax]
Hemmann & Kaden Roll in Moll [Freude am Tanzen]
Lawrence - Place to Be [Liebe]
Louderbach Reflected [Underl_ne]
Magda Shes a Dancing Machine [M_nus]
Misc. Tanz Der Polymere [Sender]
Reverso 68 - Tokyo Disko [Eskimo]
Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation F [Cocoon]
Wighnomy Bros. - Dukktus [Freude am Tanzen]

Todd Hutlock
Future/Past - Jam Packed [Applied Rhythmic Technology]
Sammy Dee & Guido Schneider - Styleways [Poker Flat]
Kayot - Clear Sky (Main Mix) [Buzzin Fly]
Paradroid - Faked Moon Landing (Fym Remix) [Force Inc.]
Justus Khncke - Advance [Kompakt]
Antonelli Electr. - Snowflake Funk [Level]
Pig & Dan - 4 Leaf Clover [Cocoon]
Carl Craig - Darkness (Max Mix) [Planet E]
Magda - Shes a Dancing Machine [Minus]
The Knife - Silent Shout (Troy Pierce Barado en Locombia Mix) [Rabid/Brille/Mute]

Mallory ODonnell
Booka Shade - Paper Moon [Get Physical]
Junior Boys - In the Morning [Domino]
CSS - Let’s Make Love & Listen Death from Above (Spank Rock Remix) [Sub Pop]
808 State - San FranCisco [Tommy Boy]
Applegarden - Twentyfive 6 Four (Putsch ‘79 Remix) [Clone]
Toby Tobias - A Close Shave (Prins Thomas Disko-Tek Miks) [REKIDS]
Allez Allez - Allez Allez [Eskimo]
Cassie Vs. Ice-T - Girls LM&UGBNAF (Various Bootlegs) [Aristo-Camille]

Michael F. Gill
Arsenal feat. Jhelisa Anderson - Far Have I Come [Cottage]
Telex - L’amour Toujours [Interdisc]
Sally Shapiro - I’ll Be By Your Side [Diskokaine]
IMS - Dancing Therapy [Ballaphon / Emergency]
Cassy - Alexandra / Toyah [Cassy]
Swat-Squad - Shared [Galaktika]
Paul Johnson - I Need You [Motus Music]
Troy Brown - Feel Allright [Aquarius Recordings]
Sandy Kerr - Thug Rock [High Fashion]
Rene & Angela - I Love You More [Capitol]

June 30, 2006

Charts: June 30 2006

Todd Hutlock
Black Dice Cone Toaster [DFA]
Booka Shade Pong Pang [Get Physical]
Burial Pirates [Hyperdub]
Two Lone Swordsmen Slutloop [Jockey Slut]
Cristian Vogel Whipaspank [NovaMute]
The Illustrator Beautiful Boxer [Underground Resistance]
Black Phuture Unfriendly [Motech]
Ellen Allien Just a Woman (Audion Version) [Spectral Sound]
Pantytec Maybe Not [Perlon]
Rhythm & Sound Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix) [Burial Mix]

Cameron Octigan
Agoria La 11me Marche [PIAS]
Gui Boratto Like You (Supermayer Remix) [Kompakt]
Crystal Castles Atlantis to Interzone (Klaxons Remix) [White]
Cio D’or Lichtblick [Karmarouge]
Taana Gardner Heartbeat [West End]
Kris Menace Voyager [Compuphonic]
Mtrika Ichi [Crosstown Rebels]
Treacherous Three Feel the Heartbeat [Enjoy]
Sven Vth & Anthony Rother Springlove (Original) [Datapunk]
Claude Von Stroke Seven Deadly Strokes (Patrick Chardronnet Remix) [Neuton]

Michael F. Gill
TBA Empty Stupid Rotation [Max Ernst]
Adam Beyer Selmas Dream [Cocoon]
Matt John IO [Underline]
Alex Smoke Never Want to See You Again (Ada Remix) [Soma]
Five Deez Black Rushmore (Force Of Nature Remix) [Rapster]
Cream De Coco Disco Strut [Free Spirit]
TJ Swann And You Know That [Express]
Steve Angello Tracks [Konvex Konkav]
Jody Watley I Love to Love [MAW]
Soulphiction Masai Mara [Philpot]