July 20, 2007

Charts: July 20 2007

The Beatz staff pick their favorite dance releases of 2007, so far…

Peter Chambers

Beck - Cellphone’s Dead (Villalobos Entlebuch Remix)
Lopazz - Share my Rhythm (Isolee mix) [Review]
Andy Stott - Handle with Care / See in Me [Review]
Kalabrese - Rumpelzirkus Part 1 [Review]
Efdemin/Carsten Jost - Split EP [Review]
Carsten Jost - Atlantis I & II
Kerri Chandler - Computer Games EP
Andy Stott - the Massacre EP [Review]
DJ Koze - All the Time EP [Review]
Len Faki - Rainbow Delta/Mekong Delta [Review]
Shackleton - Blood on my Hands (Villalobos mix) [Review]
Roman Fluegel - Mutter EP
Various - Death is Nothing to Fear Vol. 1 [Review]
Vulva String Quartett - Cranberry Song EP [Review]
Portable - Don’t Give Up (Remixes) [Review]
Syncom Data - Beyond the Stars (Remixes) [Review]
Ilya Santana - Discotized EP [Review]
DJ Koze vs. Sid le Rock - Naked (Koze remix) [Review]
Battles - Atlas (Koze mix) [Review]
Prosumer/Murat Tepeli - What Makes You Go For It? [Review]

Nate DeYoung

Lindstrom & Solale - Let’s Practice [Review]
Hatchback - White Diamond (Prins Thomas remix)
Audion - I Gave You Away [Review]
Partial Arts - Trauermusik [Review]
Motiivi:Tuntematon - I Don’t Feel Good [Review]
Efdemin - Just a Track [Review]
Beck - Cellphone’s Dead (Villalobos Entlebuch Remix)
Ame - Balandine [Review]
Argy - 1985 (Sydenham & Rune Remix) [Review]
Henrik Schwarz - Walk Music [Review]
Dixon - Resident Advisor #48

Todd Hutlock

cv313 - Dimensional Space EP [Review]
Lazy Fat People - Pixelgirl EP [Review]
Dominik Eulberg - Limikolen EP [Review]
Beck - Cellphone’s Dead (Villalobos Entlebuch Remix)
Luciano - No Model No Tool [Review]
Audio Werner - Flatfunk [Review]
Tony Allen - Ole (A Remix by Moritz Von Oswald) [Review]
Riton - Hammer of Thor
Adultnapper - Betty Crocker Moves to Berlin
Gaiser vs Heartthrob - Nasty Girl [Review]
The Field - From Here We Go Sublime [Review]
Gui Boratto - Chromophobia [Review]
DeepChord presents Echospace - The Coldest Season
Dominik Eulberg - Heimische Gefilde [Review]
Pantha Du Prince - This Bliss [Review]

Michael F. Gill

Sorcerer - Surfing After Midnight (Prins Thomas Remix) [Review]
Matt John - Soulkaramba [Review]
Jacek Sienkiewicz - Good Night & Good Luck [Review]
Shackleton - New Dawn / Massacre
Air - Lost Message [Review]
M.I.A. - Bittersuss [Review]
Escort - All That She Is [Review]
Voom Voom - Best Friend / Sao Verought Remixes
Frankie Valentine - Zumbi (Henrik Schwarz Dub Remix)
Kelley Polar - Rosenband (Instrumental)

April 8, 2007

The Week In Review: 2007, Week 14

Knight Action - Single Girl (Clone Classic Cuts)

Nick Sylvester: One of those missing link-type tracks youve heard about or just plain intuited to have existedone of those synthpoppy bridges from Moroder-ripping disco to early houses heavy jack. Its as if this track invented the very sweetspots youre looking for; it probably did and you didnt even know it.

Metope - Braga/Breep (Areal)

Joakim - Lonely Hearts (Versatile)

Kotey Extra Band feat. Chaz Jankel - Sooner Or Later (Bear Funk)

Heartthrob vs. Troy Pierce / Gaiser vs. Heartthrob - MVS1 (M_nus)

DJ T - Lucky Bastard (Get Physical Music)

David Garcet - Redemption (Dirty Dancing)

Lazy Fat People - Pixelgirl EP (Planet E)

Claude VonStroke - The Whistler (Remixes) (Dirtybird)

Peter Chambers: I dont mean to suggest this is a cynical release, but this EP strikes me as being cheekily designed to achieve a certain response from a certain set of ears, to position itself as some of the stuff you hear in clubs.

Weekly Staff Charts
Beatzcast #26: Crambe Repetita

April 4, 2007

Heartthrob vs. Troy Pierce / Gaiser vs. Heartthrob - MVS1


The Minus roster is a fairly close-knit little circletouring together, remixing each other, sounding more than a bit like each otherso it makes all the sense in the world for them to be making tracks together, as they do here on the first of what looks to be a new sub-series of Versus releases on the label. Maybe its the added aggro in the mix here, but these battle tracks are light years more interesting, lively, and downright fun than any tracks or remixes heard from this camp in a good long while.

Heartthrob takes on Troy Pierce on Horse Nation Amended with a dramatic spaghetti-western stance intro that soon breaks into a funky little rain dance, but the tracks secret weapon is the rolling locomotive of noises that lead into the fuzzed-up ooh yeah yeah and bullshit vocal samples that keeps it infectious and just the right side of lighthearted.

Further evidence of this is all over the flipsides Nasty Girl, channelling Prince through Detroit minimal, peppering Gaisers trademark bubbling percussion fills with Heartthrobs downlow rap about the tracks subject. You dont expect humor and good-time dancefloor antics from Hawtins crew, which is a shame because apparently they do it very well, better than most in fact. Minus has never grooved this hard or sounded this loose, and it fits them to a tee. Hopefully well get more of this and less cookie-cutter minimal from them in the near future.

Minus / MINUS 47
[Todd Hutlock]

March 2, 2007

Heartthrob - Baby Kate Remixes

Heartthrobs Baby Kate was something of a summer anthem last year after its pole-position appearance on the min2MAX compilation, and while it wasnt really all that memorable in and of itselfsome routine minimal beats, a deep, bending, two-note analog riff, a few stuttering noises and little elseit worked well in everyones sets and that sense of space is also what likely gives it such appeal as a remix. Theres so much room to roam here, so much that can be done with a track that is essentially nothing more than a half-dressed mannequin waiting for someone to come along and drape it in their own fashion. Which is exactly what happens here across seven remixes (including some of those pesky download only versions, which are really starting to boil the blood of we vinyl purists), as the remixers take turns making the cut sound like their own work.

Deep breath and were off. Magda plays it straight by simply rearranging and tweaking the riffs and noises a bit while keeping the same general pulse and tempo of the original in what could easily be mistaken for an alternate take by Heartthrob himself. M_nus newcomer Konrad Black adds some more noises (the ones Magda left out, perhaps?) and a bit more rhythmic percolation to the pot, while Troy Pierce dispenses with the main riff altogether in favor of the sort of noises that come out of a fax machine when youve accidentally dialed one on the phone. Even M_nus boss Richie Hawtin takes a crack heretwice. Hawtins Plastikman mix is a refreshing trip down memory lane to the days of Spastik and Krakpot that keeps things low, thumping, and repetitive, with a few tweaked stabs of the original riff to break the hypnosis. Hawtins other mix is under his long-dormant Robotman guise (remember Doo Da Doo? Aw, yeah!) which follows the same rhythmic template as the Plastikman version, but with a bit more funk to it, not to mention a hi-hat and other bits of sorta housey perc. Good to hear the old boy remixing again, even if the tracks sound nearly exactly like things he did a decade ago.

As for the non-M_nus guests, they provide the more interesting and original work here. Sasha Funke gives the rhythm track a much-needed seeing to while clipping the riff into an altogether more sprightly sounding thing, while Adam Beyer and Jesper Dahlbck up the tempo a bit and work the riff into a big, bouncy dancefloor monster with more energy than the other remixers combined. See what happens when your beat is more than a simple minimal thump in 4/4, kids?

Everything here is good if not great, but I definitely walked away wishing that more remixers with different styles had been invited to contribute, as a few of these versions tread pretty similar territory. What might, say, Audio Werner have done with these elements? Or Alan Braxe and Fred Falke? Or Radio Slave? Or, hell, the DFA? Even if they had failed miserably, the whole package would have been better served by a few more truly different takes. If youre gonna bother with seven mixes, you might as well mix things up a bit more than this.

M_nus / MINUS48
[Todd Hutlock]

January 19, 2007

Beatzcast #15



01: Tomboy - Young Enough to Know
02: Broke - Overhat
03: Klein and Zenker - Delusion (Jussi-Pekka Loves Old Trance Remix)
04: (A)pendics.Shuffle and Mikael Stavstrand Looking for Me (Mossa Mix)
05: Tiga - 3 Weeks (Troy Pierce Mix)
06: Florian Meindl Chase the Robot
07: Mike Uzzi and Ben Recht - Talk You Down
08: Jeff Bennett - Surface Diving
09: Ripperton - Farra

December 22, 2006

2006 Year In Review: Individual Writer Lists

As a companion piece to our 2006 year in review, here are the individual lists/charts from each of our contributors. Happy reading…


December 22, 2006

2006: The Year In Review

Welcome to the Beatz By The Pound year-end roundup for 2006, a veritable smorgasbord of lists, thoughts, and reflections about the current state of dance music. And while all of our writers handed in very diverse ballots, we were able to come to a consensus on a couple of key releases, producers, and labels. Let the madness begin


December 8, 2006

Beatzcast #13



01: 2020 Soundsystem Tape (12 Edit)
02: Audision Vanish (Sascha Funke Mix)
03: Plasmik - Ahead
04: Mike Uzzi and Ben Recht Talk You Down
05: Tiga 3 Weeks (Troy Pierce Move Until You Leave Mix)
06: Skat - Nightwalk
07: Klein & Zenker Delusion
08: Partial Parts - Trauermusik

October 13, 2006

The Knife - Like a Pen

Ronan Fitzgerald: There are few mainstream album producing artists whose remix packages are as fun as those of the Knife, but here the real surprise is that the best mix is their own club mix. By adding more jacking Carl Craig-styled drums, they extend Like a Pen into a fine piece of haunting techno. Thomas Schumachers remix is a growling bass-heavy piece of electro-minimal, proving that although the Bodzin production factory which makes his tracks may have overkilled things a bit, if they did more remixes instead of so many original productions some great feats could still be possible.

Peter Chambers: Silent Shout is shaping up to be one of the years best albums, and the remix project has given us an impressive group of producers so far (Shinedoe, Troy Pierce, Trentemoller, Radioslave). Now its the turn of Pierces M_nus label mate Heartthrob and reinvented big room mnml floordestroyer Thomas Schumacher to cut their sliceand boy, has the knife come out dirty. Heartthrob is given two look-ins herethe first remix version is a lump-looped wonkathon that sounds like an auralization of Quasimodo avin it, but doesnt really take proper account of either the originals vocal or its wonderful melody. The Heartthrob dub is more successful, but like Troy Pierces wigglin & noodlin version of Silent Shout, the end result sounds very little like the Knife and a helluva lot like each of the artists latest scribblings of their sound signature. In comparison, Schumachers contribution is clean-shaved and well behaved, very much keeping the adjectives dark and ominous caged in parentheses. Judging from the selections on their recent humourless Fabric mix, I can imagine Tiefschwarz will be all over this version, and hey, its bound to keep the big room kidz gurning and grooving. To these ears at least, the Dreijers own versions show up the experts heretheirs is the more satisfying, carefully written and musical remix that is still 100% floor-functional.

Rabid / RABID 034

September 15, 2006

Various Artists - Spaceships & Pings

By using a decidedly more minimal range of sounds, all four tracks here update and emulate current electro house trends. Konrad Black kicks it off with Coma Couch Surfer, which seems like only a sliver of a stompy, spaced-out track, and by doing so he presents an uncharacteristic track and the least interesting of the bunch. With Black Leather Wonder, Magda seems to take the lead from Pierce here by serving up a slightly malevolent piece that successfully borrows as much from Booka Shade as from more aggressive Wax Trax. Ever reliable, Marc Houle bumps, bleeps, and chirps minimal electro in all of the right ways on Kicker, perfectly merging the two genres. Macabre crooner Gibby Miller lends vocals to Troy Pierces Horror House epic The Day After Yesterday. Possibly the strangest piece on this comp, Gibbys soulful, eerie vocals and the melodies employed by Pierce present something truly fantastic.

Items & Things / IT01
[Cameron Octigan]

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