August 25, 2006

Treplec - The Moon Doesn’t Exist

If minimal (or mnml) means as little as possible, Luciano’s bastard offspring have by and large offered an interpretation which changed the formula to: “As little as possible, for as long as possible.” That’s fine, provided you’ve got (no) ears. Listen very closely to Luciano’s tracks, or go back the formative works of this sub-genre such as Voigt’s “Studio Eins,” Vainio’s “Sähkö” releases or any of the Basic Channel/Chain Reaction records and listen: it’s music where almost nothing happens, but that little something is everything. It doesn’t seem to be a lesson that Treplec have learned, and to these ears, four ideas over twenty five minutes doesn’t cut the earwax unless they’re far more compelling than those being pimped here. Am I the only one sick of endless soft synths, compressed bass drums and punctuations of squiggly sound FX? Is that really satisfying any of you out there? “Orsi Schreck” begins promisingly with a haunting, Satie-ish piano line, which it begins to warp and fuck up. It’s the best minute of the track, the other fourteen are taken up with a monotonous percussion workout that’s perfectly functional but utterly unexciting. The title track is more interesting, weaving a “spooky” guitar ditty around a drum kick and some more squiggly noises. It’s reminiscent of some of the earliest Areal releases, but without the mentalist sense of invention. All in all, a great example of everything that’s dull and lifeless about B-grade minimal in 2006.

Philpot / PHP 018
[Peter Chambers]