October 5, 2007

Beatzcast #51: Crambe Repetita


Stylus editor Todd Burns presents a mix of electronic music…

01: Underground Resistance - Kill My Radio Station (Acapella) [buy]
02: Einzelkind vs. Meat - Hear the Man [buy]
03: Red Robin & Jakob Hilden - Lazy Jack [buy]
04: Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Eskapade [buy]
05: Underworld - Glam Bucket [buy]
06: Sennh - I Am With You [buy]
06: Baby Oliver - Feelings 2 [buy]

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August 10, 2007

Beatzcast #45: Crambe Repetita


Stylus editor Todd Burns presents a mix of electronic music featuring new tunes from Daso, Shackleton, and Aril Brikha…

01: Future Loop Foundation - The Sea And The Sky (Beedle’s Orchestral Reprise) [buy]
02: Future Loop Foundation - The Sea And The Sky (Padded Cell Remix) [buy]
03: Daso and Pawas - TGV [buy]
04: Aril Brikha - Room 337 [buy]
05: Dennis Ferrer - Touched the Sky [buy]
06: Pikaya - Jedi [buy]
07: Shackleton feat. Jackson del Ray - Next to Nothing [buy]
08: Lucio Aquilina - Feeling Plastik [buy]

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July 6, 2007

Beatzcast #40: Crambe Repetita


Stylus editor Todd Burns presents a mix of electronic music featuring new music from Ricardo Villalobos and Jay Haze, Luciano, Get Physical, and My Best Friend…

01: Piemont - Sick Certificate [buy]
02: Riley Reinhold - Lights in My Eyes (Patrice Bäumel Mokum Rmx) [buy]
03: Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Grillen Im Park [buy]
04: Gluhen 4 - The World Of… [buy]
05: Kramer - Sonne Ist Da [buy]
06: Social Being - Free Your Mind [buy]
07: Luciano - Back to Front [buy]
08: Half Hawaii - Mir Nichts [buy]
09: Phonique feat. Erlend Oye - Casualties [buy]

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June 8, 2007

Beatzcast #36: Crambe Repetita


Stylus editor Todd Burns presents a mix of electronic music…

01: Chaim - Same Same feat. James Blonde [buy]
02: Baldelli & Dionigi - Dyprion [buy]
03: Cave Bear Cult - Catch the Worm [buy]
04: STFU - Shut the Fuck Up (Mouth to Mouth Remix) [buy]
05: Sebastian Ingrosso & John Dahlback - Lick My Deck [buy]
06: Lil’ Mama - Lip Gloss (William Russell Stirhouse Remix) [buy]
07: Sleeparchive - Papercup [buy]
08: Pan-Pot - What Is What (Original Mix) [buy]
09: Red Robbin & Jakob Hilden - Dandelion [buy]
10: TG - Cave the Speakers (Konrad Black Remix) [buy]
11: Baldelli & Dionigi - Darkflies [buy]
12: Gudrun Gut - Move Me (Burger & Voigt Remix) [buy]

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June 7, 2007

Riley Reinhold - Light In My Eyes

Last year, Riley Reinhold released a co-written EP, Friends are Silence. It was rubbish, but the excuse was that it had been a collaboration. At the time, I wondered two things: was the release a by-product of a market where the “release reflex” had become compulsive, and secondly, would Riley (himself a label owner) have released his own work if he’d received it as a promo? But let’s leave the excuses and accusations aside for a moment - let’s give Riley a chance.

For the price of admission, what’s offered here are two different sides to one coin cast in the same alloy - wafting, introspective digi-trance with its heart on its sleeve and its finger on the mouse-key, dragging and dropping various kinds of delay plugins over the melodies. Yeah, I was once in a noise-rock band, and being beyond awful and in the throes of a particularly nasty Sonic Youth trip, we saw fit to drench everything in as much reverb, distortion and delay as possible. The Big Muff was my best friend.

I call the laptop equivalent of this “Abletonitis”, and Riley’s only just besting his bout of it here. The A-side, “Light in my Eyes”, grounds the track with a static, dry kick-snare pattern which is left unmodulated in the back of the mix. Over the top, a simple synthloop is leant texture and shift (more by plugin than art) and then, right over the top of that like some imagined “northern lights” pattern, come several big blue synth washes, one after the other. Atmospherically it’s nice, but at over eight minutes long the soft rinse begins to dry, drag, and then drone on. Compare this track to Sascha Funke’s recent “Ey” (reviewed here a few months back) which conjures similar blisses of navel-gazing but with no more complexity. Perhaps with this kind of music, it’s all about the ineffable qualities of the sounds chosen (’cos after all, if it sounds on every beat you’re gonna hear it over a thousand times in an eight minute track). The B-side, “Ghosts”, sounds…that’s right, spookier (!) than the A, but again, the track relies too much on the emotive effects of FX gimmicks and pays too little attention to the small details of construction and nuance necessary to make such flights of fancy soar.

There’s the nub of something promising here, and it is an improvement on Friends are Silence, but while I’d urge Riley to continue developing his sound/ideas, I still wouldn’t inflict this on the dancing public.

My Best Friend / MBFLTD 12013
[Peter Chambers]

April 26, 2007

Dominik Eulberg – Limikolen

Released as a companion to techno-naturalist Dominik Eulberg’s Heimische Gefilde full-length, Limikolen is a two-tracker that deserves to stand on its own merits. The A-side is taken by the non-LP “Die Grunschenkel Im Blauen Priel,” an 11-plus-minute track that builds on a driving rhythm track and a bouncing, repetitive, one-note “riff” that gently phases a bit as it grows more and less intense throughout the track, building to a climax at the 3:30 mark when it finally multiplies to the point where it simply overpowers everything else in the mix into submission. Then the rhythm starts up again and we’re off for another round, albeit with some different counter rhythms this time through. It’s a pretty simple trick, but Eulberg is so deft with his construction and programming that you’ll hardly care.

The other track, “Die Alpenstrandläufer von Spiekeroog,” appears in an edit on the album, but the version here is the essential one, nearly doubled in length and really given room to build into its proper groove. The title refers to the dunlin from Speikeroog (a shorebird, FYI, and yes, I had to look it up) and the track’s melody does evoke a birdsong, just as the percussive noises that hit the mix at about the halfway point sound a bit like great metal flapping wings. The breathtaking moment comes at about 6:45 or so, when the bottom drops out, as the bird simply glides over everything, peering down at the busy world below heard in the percussion distant in the mix. It’s a magic moment that is enjoyed even more when you know what Eulberg is on about.

Traum Schallplatten / TRAUM V84
[Todd Hutlock]

March 30, 2007

Charts: March 30 2007

Todd Hutlock
Audion - Mouth To Mouth (Heartthrob’s Hot Breath Treatment) [Spectral Sound]
Pole - Jungs [~scape]
Creation Rebel - Starship Africa (Parts 1-5) [On U Sound]
DJ T - Lucky Bastard [Get Physical]
Mad Mike - Lo-Tech Reality [Underground Resistance]
Riton - Hammer of Thor (Roman Flügel Remix) [Souvenir]
Dominik Eulberg - Die Grunschenkel Im Blauen Priel [Traum Schallplatten]
Faze Action - In The Trees (Carl Craig C2 Remix 1) [Juno]
Adultnapper - Betty Crocker Moves To Berlin [Superfreq]
Audio Werner – Flatfunk [Circus Company]

Michael F. Gill
Jacek Sienkiewicz - Good Night & Good Luck [Cocoon]
Porter Ricks – Porter Ricks [Mille Plateaux]
Motorcitysoul – Aura (Jimpster Remix) [STIR15 Recordings]
Glimpse – Julia [Hypercolour]
Jay Pauli – Hamburger Spritzer [Ware]
DJ E Tones – Soul Detergent [Sounds]
Blue Vision – Visions [EMI Electrola]
Secession - Touch (Parts 3 & 4) [Beggars Banquet]
Rick James – Glow [Gordy/Motown]
Cheri – Murphy’s Law [Venture]

March 28, 2007

Patrice Bäumel - Just Electricty

Both functional and unique, Patrice Bäumel’s Mutant Pop 12” for the Trapez label was one of my most heavily caned platters of 2005. Anytime I couldn’t find a link in a DJ set, there were “Mutant Pop” and “Shower of Ice” with their building, extended intros ready to bail me out again. After that intro, though, came the unique part—where Bäumel basically built a mini-DJ set of his own inside the track as elements took their time in presenting themselves and then gradually fading away.

Bäumel’s newest 12”, Just Electricity, doesn’t work in the same way. Instead, each of the two tracks here are primarily useful for DJs looking to subtly change the tenor of their set. That’s why “Just Electricity” leaves you that synth pad bed underneath its pseudo-trance melody and even goes so far as to stop with a minute left for a few seconds to let slower DJs mix something right quick. “Fantomas” works similarly, seemingly begging its entire run-time for another, more distinctive tune to run up alongside it and guide the prospective set elsewhere.

Trapez / Trapez 073
[Todd Burns]

March 14, 2007

Moonbeam - Eclipse / Sunshine

Triple R’s got a spy in Moscow, or at least a summer house. Yet Moonbeam, his latest Russian import, are a perfect fit for Traum, delivering two luminous tech-house tracks with sweetly detached melodies. Like their countrymen SCSI-9, everything here has been polished until it shines, so even the pulsing minor-key melody of “Eclipse” ends up with a stronger sense of wonder than melancholy. “Sunshine” is where it’s at though, showing its potency through a lulling synth loop that is effectively hypnotic, no matter how many sprightly prog-house melodies they throw on top of it.

Traum / TRAUM V82
[Michael F Gill]

February 16, 2007

Charts: February 16 2007

Todd Hutlock
Todd Sines - In_Come [Frankie Rec]
Safety Scissors - Where Is Germany and How Do I Get There? (Ellen Allien Germany Remix) [Bpitch Control]
Roxy Music - The Main Thing (Rub-N-Tug’s Proton Saga) [Virgin]
Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda - Harzer Roller [Traum Schallplatten]
Pär Grindvik - Casio [Spectral Sound]
Heartthrob - Baby Kate (Robotman Remix) [M_nus]
Ripperton - Tainted Words [Connaisseur]
Audio Werner - Flat Funk [Circus Company]
Tracey Thorn - It’s All True (Martin Buttrich Dub) [Virgin]
Marcellus Pittman - A Mix [Unirhythm]

Michael F. Gill
Goat Dance – Goat Dance (Version) [Bear Entertainment]
Blackjoy – Untitled (Kerri Chandler’s Bigga Mix) [Freerange]
Tony Allen – One Tree (Terrence Parker’s Spirit of Unity Instrumental Mix) [Honest Jon’s]
PM Dawn – A Watcher Point of View [Don’t Cha Think] (Todd Terry’s Hard House Mix) [Gee Street]
Escort - All That She Is [Escort]
Jo Squillo Eletrix – Avventurieri [Polydor]
The Voyagers - Distant Planet [Discomagic]
Venus Gang – Space Woman [P.B.I. Records]
Two Tons O’ Fun – Got The Feeling [Fantasy Honey]
Tribe – Koke [Probe]

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