April 5, 2007

David Garcet - Redemption

Similar to his first single on Belgium’s Dirty Dancing, “Redemption” sees Garcet working a heavy motorik beat with a consistent bassline on every 8th note, finding a common ground between Tussle’s minimal lockgrooves and early My Best Friend records like Toro’s “Phantom Drive.” With some soft-focus guitar melodies and snips of aching falsetto, Garcet is able to keep thing interesting while never diverting from the initial metronomic groove.

Fans of neo-italo duo the Revolving Eyes will find no stylistic surprises on their remix: they shift the monophonic chug into an arpeggiated hi-nrg rush, heightening the tension and creating a bit more heat for the dancefloor. Mister J, the other remixer here, could have had an electro-house hit on his hands if his production chops were more up to snuff. As it stands, he’s a little more than one well-programmed kick drum away from greatness.

Dirty Dancing / DDR 015
[Michael F. Gill]

June 9, 2005

Triple R - Flashback

Flashback is mixed, but barely. For nearly each track, it has that eight bar mix that any four-four joint can haveirregardless of whether it actually makes sense. Its excusable, though, because presumably what Riley is really trying to do here is to showcase the labels track in full as much as possibleto get people to buy the vinyl 12s from whence they came. After hearing this, Ill be buying the following: Toros Phantom Drive (both tracks feature here), anything involving Break 3000, and most especially the forthcoming Daso 12. You should too.

My Best Friend / MBF CD001
[Todd Burns]

March 11, 2005

Toro - Phantom Drive

Built from ‘larger than thou’ handclaps and a rollicking bassline, Toro’s a-side “Phantom Drive” continues My Best Friend’s jaw-dropping trek through the genre-orgy of italo-electo-disco-house. Toro, consisting of Jorge Gebauhr and Riley Reinhold (Triple R), also lay down “Ohio 69,” which trades the hand-claps of “Phantom Drive” for drum machines as well as the fat bassline for off-kilter clangs of a melody. Always driving between expansive and visceral, “Phantom Drive” is simultaneously hypnotizing and provoking throughout.

My Best Friend / MBF 12010
[Nate De Young]