September 29, 2006

Afternoon Coffee Boys - Busted Speaker Brew EP

Tim Xavier and Tony Rohr’s third release (and second for Brooklyn-based Clink Music) as the Afternoon Coffee Boys is a stellar three-track exercise in American minimalism. Stripped-down and percussion-based, the Boys add some squonky, short-decay riffs and disjointed robotic voices to the title version, as well as some clutch breakdowns. It pops with techno hardware but bounces to a housey funk rhythm and therefore should mix well with just about everything, though it sounds great all by itself. On the flip, “Splice and Dice Brew” runs the whole work through a fuzzy filter, and “Eno’s Brew” dials back on the beats and plays up the spookified noises. The Boys haven’t released a dud yet (their EP on Cocoon earlier this year was also a corker), and you have to wonder when the world is going to stand up and take notice.

Clink Music / CLINK 004
[Todd Hutlock]

March 10, 2006

Tim Xavier - Ride The Matterhorn

Longtime American techno producer Tim Xavier, now living in New York, started up his own self-distributed label LTD 400 in late 2005, where he produces highly percussive, and often menacing minimal techno. “Ride the Matterhorn” is the third and best release for the label so far. The opening cut (all four are untitled) revolves around a bristled loop that spins like a treadmill of nervous anxiety, riding on percussion that may be wafer thin but is still incredibly itchy. The other highlight is the third track, an interesting study on industrial reverb tones and manipulations of digital echoes, backed only by a tiny synthetic kick drum. While a bit more epileptic, this 12” would fit well next to the similar sounding Sleeparchive during a late night DJ set.

LTD 400 / 003
[Michael F. Gill]