February 2, 2007

Beatzcast #17



01: Roxy Music - Same Old Scene (Glimmers Remix)
02: In Flagranti - Just Gazing
03: Escort – Bright New Life
04: Diskokaines – Rock-A-Boogie (In Flagranti Mix)
05: Heib - Acid Pimp
06: Gui Boratto – Mr. Decay
07: The Field - Everyday
08: Elektrochemie – Mucky Star
09: Remo feat. Chelonis R. Jones – Empire (Spektre Remix)

December 1, 2006

The Diskokaines - Rock-A-Boogie


The original is all over the place—everywhere from big apple rappin’ to electro to Chicago house to hard techno—and in the process wastes a pretty-OK vocal hook, which at one point bites the phraseology of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” I know a lot of dudes are writing tracks like this, just stringing together a bunch of totally different sections and hoping the song will get mistaken for some kind of brilliant mini-epic. Me, I think it’s lazy songwriting, plus I’m bored, especially since no one section really bangs on its own anyway. Regardless, I was pretty curious to hear the In Flagranti RMX, since the Brooklyn duo has done a few nice electro-goth remixes recently (cf. Kudu’s “Bar Star”; WhoMadeWho’s “Out the Door”) and their own “Bang Bang” is pretty great. Their cut is definitely the winner here: they commit the hook to just one backdrop, a really dark, somewhat funky electro-house beat [which is based on a sample from Macho’s “Not Tonight”], and work in all these other conga sounds, treble-rattlers, and something that sounds like a didgeridoo. Definitely on my “remixers to watch” list.

Diskokaine / DK004
[Nick Sylvester]

December 1, 2006

Beatzcast #12



01: Future Forward – Time for Livin’ (Alexander Robotnick Remix)
02: The Diskokaines – Rock-A-Boogie (In Flagranti Mix)
03: Jamiroquai – Runaway
04: Echo Club – Senor Pasajero
05: Justus Koehncke – Faults‘n‘FX
06: Melon – Spring
07: Oliver Koletzki – Follow Up
08: Ost & Kjex – How Not to Be a Biscuit