May 5, 2006

Tekel & Tim Paris - Marketel & Marketim

Beginning his Marketing Music label with one of the most instantly catchy electronic tracks of 2005, Tim Paris’ “Edges of Corrosion” defied simple name-dropping, despite a cache of vogue cowbells, splashes of Metro Area and more than a passing resemblance to Villalobos’ Waiworinao-guitar hook. In comparison, the third single on the label begins with delayed clicks, vague sonar blips and tempered ‘rubbery’ bassline and drops “Marketel” in the underwhelming realm of tech-house. But Tekel and Tim Paris use the track as a blurred start, eventually revealing the bassline as less bouncy and instead buoyant like an ever-accelerating balloon. On top of this, each the backbeat and layer of shimmer spirals the song into control—providing the anti-keta-dote for the mentally exhausted.

Marketing Music / Marketing Music 003
[Nate De Young]

April 24, 2006

Charts: April 24 2006

Michael F. Gill
Byron Bogues � 2 B In Love (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
J. Dahlback � What Is The Time, Mr. Templar?
Aphrohead � Morning in Mexico
The Sunburst Band � Garden of Love
X-Ray � Lock It Down
Soave � Crying Over You (Dub)
Claudja Barry � Down & Counting (Emulator Dub)
TLC � Hat 2 Da Back (Extended Remix)
Queen � Body Language
Meta Roos � Feel Like Making Love

Nate De Young
Luciano - Yamore
Nhar - Hexoflip
GummiHz - Select & Bounce
Duoteque - Daki
Tekel & Tim Paris - Marketel & Marketim
Burial - South London Buroughs EP
Bruno Pronsato - Wade in the Water, Children
G-Man - The Way You Move

Mallory O�Donnell
Soylent Green - Camera Obscura
Sparks - Tryouts for the Human Race (DJ Kafka Edit)
Fred Falke - Wait for Love
Linus Loves - VH1
Tomboy - Itchi Feet
Lindstrom - I Feel Space (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix)
Julius Kammerl - Dromedar
Electronic - Free Will (Extended)

July 26, 2005

In the Mix: Michael F. Gill - “Inflation Breeze”

With electro-house probably hitting its (relative) peak of popularity at the moment, I felt it was about time to do a mix of some of the great records that have been put out in the last year. There are a couple ongoing themes present to this mix. The first is that each successive track in this mix hits a little bit harder and louder than the last one. It�s a very gradual inflation process, starting from the ambient sighs of Donnacha Costello up until the bombastic Hystereo/Tiefschwarz/Ewan Pearson conclusion. To try and make these transitions as smooth as possible, I strove to include a good deal of melodic crosspllination between tracks. That is to say, the melodies of one track are very similiar in rhythm and/or timbre to the previous one. While a lot of DJ sets and mixes of electrohouse have either an acid-tech or EBM/goth type feel to them, I aimed to make this mix as fluent and burdenless as possible. You could almost say it sounds like a mechanical breeze. Perhaps, in fact, an inflation breeze.

01 Donnacha Costello - Cocoa (Minimise)
02 Water Lilly - Tangle of Wires (Mental Groove)
03 Delon & Dalcan - No Speak [Tekel Remix] (Boxer Sport)
04 Sweet �n� Candy feat. Rufus Dunkel - Veritable (Lebensfreude)
05 Tomas Andersson - The Birthday Party (Bpitch Control)
06 Unit 4 - Bodydub [Bangok Impact Remix] (Clone)
07 Etienne De Crecy - Fast Track (Different Recordings/PIAS)
08 Tomas Andersson - Happy Happy (Bpitch Control)
09 Huntemann - Femme Fatale (International Deejay Gigolo)
10 Sweet Light - Nirvana (Freak �n Chic)
11 Dmx Krew - The Hunt (Sonic Groove)
12 ADJD - Believe (Pokerflat)
13 Alex Smoke - Chica Wappa [Mejor Edit] (Soma)
14 2 Rare People - Time [2 Rare People Redone Mix] (Blackout �77)
15 Hystereo - Corporate Crime Wave (Soma)
16 Tiefschwarz - Wait and See [Tiefschwarz Dub] (Four Music/Fine)
17 Silicone Soul - The Poisoner�s Diary [Ewan Pearson�s Instrumental Remix] (Soma)