October 13, 2006

Lotterboys - Iron Man

Since yeah it’s obviously that “Iron Man,” electro-discofied to oh-so-campy proportions, and obviously it’s terrible no matter who sings over it (the always annoying Princess Superstar) or remixes it (the pretty reliable [italo-]disco editor Serge Santiago), I recommend staying away. It’s like not even worth knowing about. Lotterboys, to say nothing of composite parts Terranova and Detroit Grand Pubahs, have one pretty solid song called “Blazer,” whose aux percussion breakdowns and horn stabs and hard-plucked basslines could land the track into those Klaxons / EdBanger / Institubes / Kitsune franco-disco-metal type dance sets. But the goofy-electro stuff they deal in otherwise, e.g. this “Iron Man” cover or the punny “Heroine,” really never pops: the humor’s either overbearing or not enough.

Eskimo / 541416 501544
[Nick Sylvester]

May 5, 2006

The Lotterboys - Animalia

Combine Terranova with Paris the Black Fu from the Detroit Grand Pubahs and what do you get? In their own words electrofunkypunkrockband (oh god) The Lotterboys. What else do you get? Tremolo-ed live guitar, punk funk bass, block party disco breaks, overdriven snare clatter and chopped trumpet sampleswhich at its worst sounds like the oft-threatened return of big beat or, when Paris vocals come in, outtakes from Fatboy Slims deeply unfunky Freakpower project. Occasionally it works; Star Whores pool hall crack and swagger and the Dirtbombs-like garage punk of Wired and Tired convince and, most unexpectedly, sparks happen on a cover of Black Sabbaths Iron Man where lead-boot syncopation meets Its the Joint drum rolls. Princess Superstar provides the Death Valley 69 backing moans. But aside from everything else, how you get on with this album will be determined by your tolerance for Paris wobbly loverman pastiche baritone, his love for puns that dont quite and scribbled on a napkin backstage clichs. Sometimes he replaces the word fuck with funk. Its that type of album.

Eskimo / 501505
[Patrick McNally]

April 14, 2005

Roman Flgel - Geht’s Noch?


A lot has been made of the possible annoyingness that Gehts Noch? seems to hold. The comparisons to Alter Egos Rocker arent far off, in that you can tell that this one is going to be used in nearly every DJ set for the next six months, if not longer. The melody, a repeated stuttering acid squeak that ends each 16 bars with a satisfying conclusive solo, veers carefully on that line between massive and annoying, but laudably plods along in the same way for its seven-minute length. The B-side Moguai remix is a bit beefier, but misses out on some of the originals charm for that very reason. Because the squeal is accompanied so well, it takes away from what Fluegel wanted us to focus on in the first place.

Superstar Recordings / SUPER DJ 3017
[Todd Burns]