July 12, 2007

Dennis Ferrer - Son of Raw (Locodice Remixes)

The synthetic alliance between smooth rolling NY deep-house and its continental variations is in full effect with the ascendancy of Connaisseur, Mobilee and the like. It’s not a new bridge, strictly speaking - people like Glowing Glisses and Steve Bug have been showing sides of this style for years, or hinting around it. But now it’s explicit. Jerome Sydnenham has appeared on Liebe Detail, remixing ex-Pokerflat-er Argy. And now LocoDice (with Martin Buttrich ghosting him at the controls) is remixing Sydenham on Kerri Chandler and Dennis Ferrer’s Sfere sublabel Objectivity. This is but a condensation point, rather than the whole story, but it gathers the formative planks.

It’s an easy alliance, one that fits like it sounds - like so much of Loco (and Buttrich’s) work, there’s a very low friction aesthetic which allows tracks of “very little, almost nothing” to glide along for minutes on the home system…but then you get to the club and hear the sub-bass written into them, watch the crowd digging it, and say “Now I get it.” For the price of admission (or maybe just a file transfer), you get two totally Loco interpretations, the “Brooklyn Roll” (a mere pop song at 5:54) and the “remix” (a full clip of beats at 10:32). The latter is definitely for the floors, bringing that big drum feel that LocoButtrich do so nicely, then adding lots of stabbing sound events, the odd snippet of the original’s vocal, and a gathering stormfront of atmospheres rolling overhead. At times it verges on Radioslavery, but there’s less of the macho heavyheavy that abounds in Edwards’ big tracks and things are kept moving along - ten minutes doesn’t feel overlong. The samizdat track running through here seems to a very toned down version of DJ Pierre’s “Turn It Up”. Is LocoButtrich the king of mild pitch house? The Brooklyn roll shortens things, for DJs (or crowds) who bore easily. I’m not sure how this will age, but right now this is a neat track that will serve its dancefloor well.

Objektivity / OBJ 004
[Peter Chambers]

October 6, 2006

Charts: October 6 2006

Guest Chart: Steve Bug, Poker Flat

Extraproduktionen - Subgreen (Arto Mwambe Mix) [Brontosaurus]
Ian OBrien - Totally Alright (Martin Buttrich Mix) [Virgin]
Ben Westbeech - So Good Today (Yoruba Soul Mix) [Brownswood]
Das Bierbeben - Alles Fllt (Losoul Mix) [Shitkatapult]
Stefan Goldmann - Sleepy Hollow [Innercity Visions]
Cle & Mike Vamp - Maisonette (All Mixes) [Dessous]
Gummihz - Isolate (Sebo K Mix) [Mobile]
Dan Berkson & James What - Mescalincircus [Poker Flat]
Abe Duque - When The Fever Breaks [Abe Duque Records]
Studiogemeinschaft - Employee [Treibstoff]

Todd Hutlock
Afternoon Coffee Boys - Busted Speaker Brew [Clink]
Ricardo Villalobos - Bach to Back [Playhouse]
Markus Nikolai - Bushes (Freaks In Outer Space Dub) [Perlon]
Jay Haze - Change Something (Pier Bucci Remix) [Contexterrior]
Shane Berry - Fillertet 2 (Dominik Eulberg Remix) [Trapez LTD]
Anthony Shakir - Sermon [Sublime]
Justin Martin & Sammy D - Swamp Thang (Claude VonStroke Swamp Rat Mix) [Dirtybird]
Kenny Leaven - Feeling Spicy [Traum]
Alexi Delano & Xpansul - Vegetotherapy [Plus 8]
Davidovitch - Insider [Kompakt]

Ronan Fitzgerald
Gummihz - Isolate (Sebo K Remix) [Mobilee]
Solieb - Isotropy (Lazy Fat People Remix) [Maschine]
Rekorder - 6 [Rekorder]
Jens Bond - Rocket Queen [Highgrade]
Stefan Goldmann and Ame - Sleepy Hollow Version [Innervisions]
Argenix and Samim - Sabor EP [Tuning Spork Family Affair]
Anja Schneider - Addicted (Gummihz Mix) - [Mobilee]
Juergens - Love It [Room Recordings]
Shonky - Closer To Pluton [Resopal Red]
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Disconnect EP [Ostwind]

Mallory ODonnell
Lindstrom - Arp She Said [Smalltown Supersound]
Erasure - Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day) (Fingers In Crumbs) [Mute]
Peru - Oriental [Red Bullet / Compost]
Tetine - A Historia De Garca [Soul Jazz]
Dexter Vs. Cosmic Force - Drum Techniek [Marguerita ]
Sneak Thief - Body Militia [Voltage Musique]
Underworld Cowgirl [Junior Boys Own]

Michael F. Gill
Pinktronix Booty Sez (Juho Kahilainen rmx) [Elettrica]
The It - Donnie (Ron Hardy mix) [DJ International]
Public Energy - Three ‘O Three [Probe Records]
Ministry - I Wanted to Tell Her [Arista]
George Clinton - Erotic City [Fox Records]
Contemporary Household She Said (Toktok remix) [Bomzh]
XR7 XR7 [Quality Records]
Galaxy Dancing Tight [Island/Ensign]
Sven Weisemann Slices [Liebe Detail]
Ginny - Can’t Be Serious [VM Records]

August 11, 2006

Daze Maxim - Simply Driving Gold

Marcus Manowskis work as Daze Maxim first scribbled his funky moniker in the margins of my techno soundmap with Scirocco, his misbehaving number on Cocoons Compilation B. More recently I was (softly) floored by his Heartz4 track Intimacy Girl, which crops up au naturel on Lawrences recent sublime Groove Magazine mix and also in remixed form on Steve Bugs not-as-great Bugnology 2 mix. Whats striking about Manowskis recent work is how calm it is, in contrast to the frenetic old stuff. Without recourse to plug-in gimmicks or gratuitous reverb, Maxims EP sounds like what it is: Simply Driving Gold. This is jack, folks, but the kind you stick in your socketwarm digitalia whose subtle shimmy should find its way from your shuffling feet to your box. If you were as crazy about Kalabreses Chicken Fried Rice as I was, youre onto a winner here. The vocals here dont so much as bare their feelings as mumble them sporadically. I imagine Jamie Liddell carries on like this while hes vacuuming the dust in his studio. Affectant, the B, is another fine understatement accompanied by mumbled subsense, with a big soft clap that smacks you right across your booty. Nice.

Hello? Repeat / Hello004
[Peter Chambers]

July 28, 2006

Steve Bug - Bugnology 2

Poker Flat boss Steve Bug continues his series of Bugnology mixes with this second volume, picking up where the first left off. Each track have been edited and reconstructed on computers and, as such, the mix is spotless and the tracks fold together a lot cleaner than they otherwise might. This tactic leaves some listeners cold, but Bugs construction and pace is so damn good and chooses such great tracks, that it seems like an empty complaint. Highlights include tracks from Pan-Pot, John Tejada, Gui Boratto, and Carl Craigs already-classic remix of Theo Parrishs Falling Up. Fans of the flawless, minimal mixes by the likes of Richie Hawtin need look no further for their next fix.

Poker Flat / PFR CD 16

[Todd Hutlock]

July 14, 2006

Beatzcast #6



01: Patrick Chardronnet - Eve By Day (Ripperton’s Epic Mix)
02: Basement Jaxx Hush Boy (Les Visiteurs Mix)
03: DJ Pumphead Acid Police
04: Nitzer Ebb Getting Closer (Black Strobe Mix)
05: Chardronnet - Newlife3
06: Steve Bug & Matthias Tanzmann Schick
07: LocoDice - Seeing Through Shadows
08: Trentemller Nam Nam
09: SLG - Nine Hours
10: Patrick Chardronnet - Eve By Day (Ripperton’s Lovelee Dae Mix)

March 10, 2006

Tiefschwarz - Fly

Sounding better alone than it did on Tiefschwarzs disastrous crossover album Eat Books, Fly is still a rather by-the-book electro-house number, based mainly on a honky synth patch, mechanical organ pads, and a plodding beat. Its way too flaccid to entertain any thoughts of being introspective or anthemic, and Tiefschwarz are sounding like a mainstream imitation of themselves here. Steve Bugs Cause There Are Too Many Traffic Signs remix on the flipside is an arthropods delight. Can you imagine the ironic delight Mr. Bug takes in reshaping the main hook in Fly into a waspy, detuned insect? It adds a much more distinct sound to the track, but just like the original, its an invertebrate, lacking any backbone to propel the track anywhere.

Four Music / Fine / 8287678734
[Michael F. Gill]