May 5, 2006

Superpitcher / Stardiver - Speicher 35

Superpitcher re-emerges from the shadows with “Enzian”, a pretty, slow burning piece of emo-house which sounds like label-mate DJ Koze crossed with Border Community. For a producer who has created some of the best electronic records of the current era it’s a bit of a disappointment, in that it seems to fall into that weird “listening techno” vortex that has swallowed up all of Kompakt apart from K2 lately. You can’t escape the sense that the dub:techno ratio Kompakt operate on is really out of sync with the rest of dance music at the moment; so many sticky unlovable, unplayable releases. Stardiver’s “Borderline” on the other hand has some kind of kick to it, sounding a little like something off “Silent Shout”; but the truth is both tracks here are more pleasant than essential.

Kompakt Extra / KOMEX35
[Ronan Fitzgerald]