May 5, 2006

The Lotterboys - Animalia

Combine Terranova with Paris the Black Fu from the Detroit Grand Pubahs and what do you get? In their own words “electrofunkypunkrockband” (oh god) The Lotterboys. What else do you get? Tremolo-ed live guitar, punk funk bass, block party disco breaks, overdriven snare clatter and chopped trumpet samples—which at it’s worst sounds like the oft-threatened return of big beat or, when Paris’ vocals come in, outtakes from Fatboy Slim’s deeply unfunky Freakpower project. Occasionally it works; “Star Whores” pool hall crack and swagger and the Dirtbombs-like garage punk of “Wired and Tired” convince and, most unexpectedly, sparks happen on a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” where lead-boot syncopation meets “It’s the Joint” drum rolls. Princess Superstar provides the “Death Valley 69” backing moans. But aside from everything else, how you get on with this album will be determined by your tolerance for Paris’ wobbly loverman pastiche baritone, his love for puns that don’t quite and scribbled on a napkin backstage clichés. Sometimes he replaces the word fuck with funk. It’s that type of album.

Eskimo / 501505
[Patrick McNally]

May 5, 2006

Sparks - Tryouts for the Human Race (Kafka Re-Edit)

Currently available as a free download from DJ Kafka’s website, this re-edit of a track from Sparks Moroder-produced No. 1 In Heaven proves that buoyant, beefy Italo knows no national boundaries. Homing in on the classic oscillators and the “let us outta here” chorus, Kafka diverts the slightly clunky post-disco feel of the original into a sleeker and more (dare I say it) modern beast. Sparks and Italo both deserve a Renaissance, but it’s the lost art of the re-edit that really needs re-investigation. Taking nothing more than the original released version of a track, one can easily, as Kafka’s done here, take a workable or decent track and cut and paste it’s prime moments (or those of a number of versions of the track) into something that rocks out whatever kink your particular dancefloor gets off on. Considering the ready availability of track-editing software, what once took hours of laborious tape-splicing is now just a click or two away. Get on it people!

[Mallory O’Donnell]

April 24, 2006

Charts: April 24 2006

Michael F. Gill
Byron Bogues – 2 B In Love (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
J. Dahlback – What Is The Time, Mr. Templar?
Aphrohead – Morning in Mexico
The Sunburst Band – Garden of Love
X-Ray – Lock It Down
Soave – Crying Over You (Dub)
Claudja Barry – Down & Counting (Emulator Dub)
TLC – Hat 2 Da Back (Extended Remix)
Queen – Body Language
Meta Roos – Feel Like Making Love

Nate De Young
Luciano - Yamore
Nhar - Hexoflip
GummiHz - Select & Bounce
Duoteque - Daki
Tekel & Tim Paris - Marketel & Marketim
Burial - South London Buroughs EP
Bruno Pronsato - Wade in the Water, Children
G-Man - The Way You Move

Mallory O’Donnell
Soylent Green - Camera Obscura
Sparks - Tryouts for the Human Race (DJ Kafka Edit)
Fred Falke - Wait for Love
Linus Loves - VH1
Tomboy - Itchi Feet
Lindstrom - I Feel Space (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix)
Julius Kammerl - Dromedar
Electronic - Free Will (Extended)