October 27, 2005

Beckett & Taylor - Let’s Smash Up Our Love

If their kitchenware could speak, it would tell you it’s been a long year and change since the last release 12” release from Beckett and Taylor. But despite their mini-disappearance, the duo have not only returned with another gem for their catalog with “Let’s Smash Up Our Love,” but also found an apt home on Matthew Herbert’s concrete-house label, Soundslike. Steering clear of the rigidity of their more academic peers (Herbert and Soft Pink Truth), “Smash Up Our Love” explores the boundaries of recorded space in the most joyously cluttered manner possible. With both “Just Numbers” and “Don’t Fret,” the group plays a game of electro-acoustic pinball that is difficult to enjoy without an 8-year-old’s grin. Sadly, the phoneme driven “Dumb us Down” is the only track that suffers on this 12,” if only for not sounding as entirely different as the other songs. When my only criticism is a compliment in disguise, take this as a hint.

Soundslike / SL 19
[Nate DeYoung]