October 13, 2006

Holger Zilske Meets Dave Dk - Rainshower EP

Is this really Playhouse? I mention this only because Holger Zilke (Smash TV) and Dave DK’s EP here is either a welcome anomaly or an indicator of a new direction. Straddling headfuck electro-mnml and hypnotic (nobody say trance) tech-house, “Midishower” beckons you into the happy imagination of a field full of mashed, smiley dancers. It bounces off its face all over the place, pausing for a moment to bug out before banging the ecstatic sunshine back into you, one wave at a time. In fact, it’s such a grand and blessed-out eight minutes that it’s worth the overbearing euphoria of B-side “Mono Rain.” If it’s summer you want, this EP is the raygun.

Playhouse / PLAY128
[Peter Chambers]

June 30, 2006

Smash TV - Yellow Asteroids

Smash TV drop some of their earlier goofisms for Eugene Jarvis style robotronic electro on this new 12″. There’s nothing to get metaphorical about here, cuz there’s barely more than a parade of drums with a couple of low pulses and swoops on the A-side. The B-side “Star Like Mix” (not, as I read it every single time, “Sitar Like Mix”) extrudes the bloops like molten ore and pretzels ‘em so that through the mesh you can hear tiny, sharp breath intakes on the dancefloor. It’s a little deeper and for a little later in the night, but in the prettying up it loses the motivic crassness that makes the main mix so immediately appealing.

BPitch Control / BPC 130
[Patrick McNally]