July 28, 2006

Ricardo Villalobos - What You Say Is More Than I Can Say (Isolée Remix)

Ricardo sounds beat. The k-house maven sings the title track’s words from a miserably humbled and nauseated soul in this 2003 track. Rajko “Isolée” Mueller’s remix (previously released on a limited vinyl version of the Famous When Dead 3 compilation) heightens the depression. A glum bassline is stabbed by a brooding electro-funk synth that reminds me of a desperate bloke tearing up his apartment to find a lost prize from the past. The beat is the remix’s saving grace, where Mueller’s slithering house rhythm builds tension as things progress. While he has a nice visceral touch, the treatment lacks the punch and hypnosis of his best work. Good for a minute of DJ filler at the club before the cocktails and pharmaceuticals begin turning smiles upside down.

Sister Phunk / 12002

[Cameron Macdonald]