September 22, 2006

Silversurfer - Dirty Dishes / Ace of Spades

“Dirty Dishes,” Crosstown’s Silversurfer tries his hand at one of those hard-sounding squelch-driven “Rocker” redux tracks, really bottomed out, lots of space, etc.. Too bad it doesn’t work out for himall the sounds are there, but there’s no monster hook to compensate for the minimalism, and the aux percussion is pretty worthless. “Ace of Spades” is only somewhat better, something like a Kompakt b-lister remixing Ministry, but it’s half-assed from the start: The snare clicks are fat and sandpapery, but the basskicks couldn’t sound more lifeless. I guess the only-upbeats synth line counts for the melody here; at the very least it will remind people of Kylie’s “Can’t Get Your Out of My Head” both sonically and sentimentally. The flipside is that it makes the “Ace of Spades” sound merely like an instrumental, incomplete and unfulfilled.

Crosstown Rebels / CRM 028
[Nick Sylvester]